Woodrow candidate for the Governor of Texas

Dog named Woowoodrow_for_governordrow decided to run for the presidency of Texas. The Action Team, which deals with the animal's campaign, said that Woodrow will be quite able to take care of all the inhabitants of the state, as he is the most loved and honest candidate.

Agitation for Woodrow was made by his owner, and volunteers who wanted to see him as their governor, and it attracted a lot of attention of the state residents. According to the law of Texas a dog Woodrow can technically run for the office and no one can deny. The most important thing is that this dog is clean before the law and does not take any elective office, which means that he is a real candidate for the post!

Documents were already filed, and people started raising money to support it. Proponents of the Woodrow believe that his participation in the presidential race - is already a big advantage, since all the money will go to the charities that are committed to saving lives of the homeless animals.