The British company hired a lap-dog as a model

British company Armilap-dog as a modeltage Pet Care Products, a manufacturer of anything, that pets need, required a lap-dog as a model that will promote new toys for dogs.

All owners of those dogs who have a small parameters, and a bright personalities, were invited to send the photographs of their animals to the administration of the casting. The sex of those dogs did not matter, as long as they were lap-dogs of a small size.

A dog that by the end of a competition will beat all her competitors will be selected to participate in a photo shoot, and receive free of charge one year supply of a dog food from the Armitage Pet Care Products.

Despite the fact that in that competition any small dog could participate, regardless of the breed, it was assumed that the main beneficiaries will be the Chihuahuas because they are one of the smallest doggies in the world.

Note that this is exactly the dogs of this breed most often appear in commercials. Doggie of Elle Macpherson appeared in advertisements for some animal products, and Chihuahua named Gidjet, who was advertising the chain of a fast food restaurants "Taco Bell", was later involved in the film 'Legally Blonde", where she played one of the main and most funny parts.