Ben-Gurion Airport: dogs and cats will be checked with the help of an X-ray

The manax-doggement of a Ben-Gurion Airport and the airport of Shabak decided that there is a need to check all the animals by X-ray machine before the flight.

The purpose of verification - to make 100% sure there are no explosives in the cavities of the animal's body. By the new rules, if a pet owner does not submit his animal for a check, it would be prohibited to take him on board of the airplane.

After the decision was made, the new rule was tested in practice. The man, who refused to show an animal for the X-ray inspection, was unable to take his flight. The American tourist who agreed to check her pet took her airplane right on time.

The staff of Shabak airport suggest that for the implementation of a terrorist attack in the air, animals can be used as living containers for explosives, and it would be a great danger for the lifes of the crew and passengers.

The Shabak airport decided to make this new rules after the terrorist from Saudi Arabia, Abdullah al-Asiri, managed to get on a plane with a hundred grams of explosive material, the container with which he carried in his rectum. In August 2009, Al-Asiri attempted to commit a terrorist act directed against a member of the royal family.