Cat is missing. Whcats-disappeary? Every day in every city several tens or even hundreds of animals are getting lost. Half of them are cats.

The reasons may be quite different, but the most usual answer to the question "why cats are getting lost" is: "basic instinct" - it is easily drugging almost any cat far away from home. Very often - especially in March - cats are leaving their homes in search of a pair, and then they may simply get lost in the unknown streets and never return. This can be explained by different things - the animal may find another owner, it may bring kittens and stay with them, or, unfortunately, the cat could be killed in some accident - which happens very often, especially in big cities.

The second most common reason for the cat to run away from home is associated with another instinct - cats can run away in pursuit of a prey. The consequences of such an escape are similar: the animal may not come back home and it might be very difficult to find it, so if you do not want you cat missing, try not to live her unsupervised in a particularly "important" moments.


Family tragedies


Another reason for the cat to get lost - fear. Unfortunately, most owners who have lost a cat have to blame themselves: many animals may easily get scared and run away from the scandal at home and then they just do not find their way back after a severe stress. Often this happens, for example, after the Christmas holidays, when a thunder of fireworks frightens so many pets.

In addition, the reason of a family tragedy is often the inattention of the owners, who forget that they have an animal in the house. Many people often leave their windows and balconies open and cats love to sit by the window, so they can easily fall out, many of them can not sit still and do not evaluate the dangers.

In this situation it is very difficult to understand what to do. The animal, fortunately, often survives even after falling from a high floor, but that does not mean that it immediately returns home - at least because domestic cats may be disoriented in the street and simply will not know where they have to go and how to reach home. In addition, they may be picked up by other people, or a cat may leave the spot - just go somewhere to sit quiet and come to her senses after a fall, and it would be extremely difficult to find her.





Finally, another reason why your cat may be lost - the mystical one. It is believed that these animals (especially the black cats) are saving their homes from disasters, and running away, they are taking trouble away from the house. So if you suddenly lost a black cat, and you're sure that she could not run away from the safe and tightly closed house - think about the mystery of cats. But of course, remember that this happens very rarely, and usually cats do not just disappear for no reason. So if you're wondering how to find a lost cat, try to do everything to find the animal as soon as possible, so that no one has hurt your beloved kitty.