In Israel the police Labrador named Boydzher was killed, while performing his duty

Labrador Bopolice-labrador-dogydzher was both: a pride and a hope of the police in the northern district of Israel. More than five years he was helping police officers in search of drugs.

Repeatedly, he took part in a very difficult and secret operations, and never his impeccable sense of smell let down the law enforcement officers. He was the perfect professional, and had a remarkable character. A few days ago in Acre there was carried out an operation to arrest the drug dealers. Police was checking the passing cars. One of the cars beated the Labrador, that was released on the roadway. The dog was very seriously injured.

The police cynologist had helped a dog with the first aid right on the spot, after that the Labrador was taken to the veterinary hospital. Veterinarians there for two days were trying to save Boydzher's life, but the dog was getting worse. Two days later Boydzher passed away. Boydzher - the police dog - was buried in a special cemetery, among other police dogs.