The Top 10 of The Most Intelligent Dogs

smartest and intelligent dog breed border collieFor each one of us has his own dog is the most intelligent, beautiful, kind. Why should I care for the most difficult tricks, performed by the most well trained police dog, when my own pup in the moments of my bad mood, can come and just put his head on my knees, like he is saying: "Do not be sad, I'm with you!" But the Big Science does not recognize the sentimental feelings, driven by this principles Canadian Professor Stanley Coren decided to develop a methodology for determining a dog's intelligence. The result of his tireless work was "intelligent" rating of dogs. So which dogs were honored to received the title of "The Most Intelligent"?

Border Collies got the First place

Shepherd breed of dog bred in the UK. A graceful, well-proportioned dog, but at the same time, robust and strong. The nature of this rapid, energetic, sensitive, understanding dog requires constant physical and mental exercises.

smartest and intelligent dog poodleSecond place - Poodle 

Bred in France first as a hunting dog, Poodle after some time became one of the most popular breeds on Earth, due to the intelligence, good looks and good attitude to people. Poodle is smart, agile, easy to train, also it is one of the breeds that do not cause allergies in humans.

smartest and intelligent dog german shepherdThe third-ranked German Shepherd 

German Shepherd Dog has been bred in the late XIX century. German Shepherd can be considered as a multi-purpose dog. It can equally well serve as a companion dog, police dog, perfect guardian or just a family dog. Until now German Shepherd is also successfully used as a shepherd dog.

The fourth place was given to the Golden Retriever smartest and intelligent dog golden retriver

Hardy and energetic dog. Nosy. Not aggressive, rarely barks, responds well to training. Golden Retriever needs to be treated gently - in this case he is ready to do just anything for his owner. Great companion dog.

Fifth place goes to the Dobermansmartest and intelligent dog doberman 

This short-haired guardian dogs were bred in Germany in the late XIX century by Friedrich Ludwig Dobermann, and were named in honor of their creator. The modern Doberman is a strong and bony dog, with a beautiful silhouette of a straight short lines, temperamental, but not aggressive, combines elegance and power.

Sixth place - Shetland Shepherd (Collie)smartest and intelligent dog collie shetland shepherd 

Alert, gentle, intelligent, strong and lively dog, very loyal and devoted to the owner, reserved with strangers, but never nervous or aggressive.

Seventh place was taken by Labrador Retriever smartest and intelligent dog labrador retriever

This breed is different from the others with it's special aristocratic movements and temperament. Labradors have a wide range of abilities and skills, they are very easy to train and very sociable.

Papillon received eighth placesmartest and intelligent dog papillon 

This cute miniature lap dogs appear to be a representatives of one of the oldest European breeds. Its history goes back to more than 700 years.

Ninth place goes to the Rottweilersmartest and intelligent dog rottweiler 

This dogs were bred in Rottweil (Germany) in the middle of the XVIII century. A large, strong boned dog possessing stable and strong character.

And completing the top ten most intelligent dogs - Blue Healer - Australian Cattle Dogsmartest and intelligent dog australian cattle

This breed appeared in the nineteenth century by artificial breeding. It was the result of crossing Collies and Dalmatians with the wild dingoes. Dogs of this breed are very well balanced, strong, tough and very attentive.