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Cat's Horoscope

No matter why you decided finally to have a cat: maybe you would like to become a healthier person with the help of a "fluffy doctor", maybe you believe, that a cat would help your kids to love life and nature, you may also think that a presence of this graceful animal will bring your own life to some balance... There can be a hundreds of reasons why people like to have at least one cat in them houses. Generally speaking, it is not a bad idea at all.
Naturally, the next question - after decision is already taken - will be: what kind of cat you need for your purposes? You may carefully choose sex, breed and color of your future pet, or just trust your good luck and pick a cat from the shelter. But did you ever think that there is something else, that matters for your future happy life with your cat? A horoscope!
Let's try to find out how the stars are effecting our favorite kitty's personalities, why they are behaving this or another way and how to choose a right cat for us. Let's finally see what's behind the curtain, called cat's character...