Turkish Angora

Weight: 6-17 lb, Origin: Turkey

Grooming & Shedding: MEDIUM,

Coat: Semi-long, single coated

Color: All  colours


Breed: Just like all the native breeds, the history of its origin is unclear. We only know that this breed was formed on the basis of population Angora cats that lived in Turkey since the beginning of the XV century. The name of the breed is given in honor of the capital of Turkey, Ankara (formerly Angora). It is deserved, Angora is considered one of the oldest long-haired breeds. And although it is represented by different colors, the most widespread and honored is white Angora cat, with orange,green, blue and different color eyes (one eye blue and the other - orange). In Turkey people particular preference different-eyed cats, called  "Ankara Cady" they attribute these cats with happiness and prosperity. Since the XVI century, the Angora cats as gifts, brought to Europe, sometimes calling them Persian. These cats were regarded as precious and valuable gift for the elect. In Europe and especially in France, Angora cats were popular from the XVIII century. It's no secret that they were held in many royal palaces of France, Britain and other Western European countries.

General Features: The body is medium to large. Long, slender, elegant.The ears are high and close planted. Wide at the base, rather large and with tassels. Eyes large, almond shaped, obliquely set. Eye color corresponds to coat - but in any case it is clear. Cats with blue eyes may be deaf. There are cats with eyes of different colors, while a cat may be deaf in the ear of the blue eye.The wool of medium length, fine, silky texture and shiny. In adult animals developed collar. Without undercoat. It is recommended to periodically clean and comb these cats.

Temperament: Cats of this breed are active, cheerful, affectionate, friendly, independent, tied to the house, like to communicate with owners, and especially with young children, is well adapted to living in any apartment; love walks.

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