Weight: 15-17 lb, Origin: United States

Grooming & Shedding: LOW

Coat: short, dense

Color: Spotted, "leopard"


Breed: The Bengal cat is short-hair cat. This is a fairly rare breed with a luxurious dense hair. In 1963 the Asian leopard cat was crossed with ordinary cat. Due breeding work it was getting leopard coat color at domestic cats. After 10 years of further hybridization led to the new breed named Bengal cat. It was first registered in 1983. Due to its origin from a wild cat Bengal cat has a corresponding temperament, strong health and endurance. 

Initially Bengal cats differed nervousness, but as a result of breeding their character has been improved. In breeding species involved out-breed cats. After receiving the leopard color,breeders began to use Indian street cats and the Egyptian Mau. At an early stage of formation  breeders try to reduce the intensity of color, long hair; due this it is appeared color-point color gene, which was the cause of the unusual "snow"-colored cats.

General Features: Bengal cats - large animals with long, muscular body and a rapid gait. The front legs shorter than the rear, so the body is raised to back. One major feature - an unusually dense and luxurious fur, with a characteristic coloration of a wild cat. Usually color of coat is brown-tabby, brown, leopard, mink, but may be snow also.

Temperament: These cats are curious, friendly, affectionate, but usually only to the one person, have an excellent memory and quickly learn all the things they are taught; satisfied with their lives in an apartment, it is very easy to get used to new dwellings, like water, can independently "take a bath"; need affection; themselves go to the owner on his hands or shoulders, but do not suffer when they are forced to keep on hand.

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