Munchkin general features, temperament, health

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Weight: 5-9 pounds Origin: United States

Grooming and Shedding: Low/Medium

Coat: Short-haired and long-haired varieties are??available.

Color: Any color.

Span of life: 15-19 years

Breed: The history of Munchkin began in 1983 in Louisiana (USA).??Sandra Hochenedel picked up a black and white pregnant??short-haired??cat and called her Blackberry.??Blackberry??lived under an old abandoned trucks and led a half-civilized way of life.??Sandra assumed that the shorter legs of her cat were the result of severe childhood or some disease.??How surprised she was, when this unusual trait passed on to the Blackberry's offspring.

One of the unusually short legged kittens, kitty Toulouse, was gifted to a friend of Sandra - Kay LaFrance.??Soon??Kay got a numerous of descendants from her cat, who settled in the limits of Kay's farm to the delight of the owners. Today we can reliably assume that all modern Munchkins trace their origins to the Blackberry and Toulouse.

The official presentation of the new breed to professional felinologists and experts was held at the TICA show in Madison Square Garden in March 1991.

The examination of Blackberry's kittens revealed that the mutation of short legs did not affect the mobility of the joints of limbs or spine, which is typical for the short-legged dogs.??Munchkins are indefatigable climbers and bold jumpers, they behave like a little acrobats and cheerful clowns.??Of course, they can not jump as high as their long-legged counterparts, but Munchkins show wonderful agility, climbing stairs, grating, pivoting in the air with matchless speed and surprising and unexpected for them grace.??In the first glance??of a man who saw the Munchkin you can see a pity.??In the second glance - provocative smile, and in the third - the enthusiasm and adoration!

Munchkin cat breeds

In the time of the breed establishment and the study of short-leg mutation there were held the crossings with the other cat breeds and??out-bred??cats.??Actually many breeds, that are based on a mutations, had to pass such a path.??And now we can see the curly Munchkins, Napoleons (hybrid with Persians and Exotics), Kinkalow (a hybrid of an American Curl), Mei Toi (dwarf Munchkin, a hybrid with the Ocicat and Singapora).??These funny mongrels are amusing their fans, and may soon take their places among the recognized breeds...

At least a lot of??catteries??are performing serious, purposeful breeding work with those hybrids.
The current TICA standard for the Munchkin breed is in development, the Breed Council is??continuously holding seminars and discussions in order to stabilize the type of the breed.

General Features: Munchkin is a short-legged cat.??Their distinctive short legs developed from a spontaneous dominant mutation, which sometimes happens with domestic cats.??The spine was not intact and is similar in shape and flexibility, as in other domestic cats.??Short legs do not hamper the mobility of this cat or her ability to survive.??The breed was developed by the random appearance of domestic cats with short legs and crossing them with the other domestic cats.

Munchkins are excellent,??decent??and easy to handle cats.??They can be long-haired and short-haired. This two types are different only by the length of the coat: short-haired Munchkins have relatively short, plush coat??with good protective properties, and long-haired Munchkins - long, silky coat, similar to Angora's.

The head is in the shape of a modified wedge with rounded contours, which is proportional to the body.??High cheekbones (in males can manifest themselves more than in females).??No other unusual signs are allowed.

Ears are broader at the base, with slightly rounded tips,??medium to large size - in proportion to the head.

Tufts on the tips of the ears are permitted only in the long-haired type.Eyes are medium or large, almond-shaped, located far enough, giving an "open look".??Placed at a slight angle to the base of the ears.??There is no relationship between the eye color and the coat color.

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Temperament: These amazing short-legged cats do not belong to the breeding species.??Unusual animals were the result of spontaneous mutation.??Germans gave their own name for this short-legged cats - "a kangaroo-cat", because they like to sit as a column, carefully examining their hunting territory.

While most cats get up on their hind legs to look around, Munchkin firmly sits on the hips, and uses his tail as a prop for balance.??In this position, they can stay long enough, and their stubby legs hanging over the body, complete the resemblance to a kangaroo.??It looks quite ridiculous, so these cats could not go unnoticed.

But not only unusual appearance is attracting cat fanciers to a Munchkin.??They are a very intelligent, sociable and affectionate cats.??They love to walk on the breast-band, like a dog, they are easily making friendship with any pets and other cats, they are absolutely not shy of their small stature.??Munchkin is easy to get acquainted with new people and new facilities.??These cats are the perfect companions for those people who spend their lives travelling. Canine-like devotion to the owner, calm character and??compact size make Munchkins indispensable companions for single people and young children.

This "Dachshund-Cats"??loves to play with toys, quietly let the tireless kids to swaddle themselves, put in the toy cars or in the sandbox. Munchkins??are quite mobile and loving, absolutely not aggressive, but they can stand for themselves even in a fight with a yard cats.??In this case Munchkin is putting his opponent in a difficult position, because he can not predict his actions and speed of movement.

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