British Shorthair general features, temperament, health

British Shorthair

Weight: 6-15 lb Origin: Great Britain

Grooming&Shedding: Low/Medium ??Coat: Shorthair

Color: White & any other solid color, Tabby, Tortie, Smoke, Bi-color

Span of life: 14-20 years

Breed: British Shorthair cat breed owes it's emergence and existence to an Englishman Harrison Virr. Currently, he is considered as one of the pioneers of ??breeding tis kind of cats, not only at home, but in the whole world. For many years he was going to his own goals: to establish at the genetic basis of the common short-haired cat a new animal with the strong breed type and clean color, clear lines of breeding and some certain psychological qualities. Already in 1898 in the registration book of the English Cat Fancier's Club was written the first information about the new "British" breed. Initially, the British Shorthair cats have gained popularity and several were introduced at the cat Show in London. But then the breeders had to face another problem - these cats were not in demand, they seemed to be some sort of "rustic."

The Second World War interrupted all activities, associated with breeding, and only in 50-ies the fanciers tried to revive this breed of cats again.There were many problems, but eventually the breed enthusiasts have made every possible effort and, finally, the first standard of a modern British Shorthair was officially recorded.


General Features: British Shorthair cat - sturdy and strong animal, with a strong and muscular body, medium or large (when it comes to the males) sizes. Short neck, broad, well developed chest, massive, well-developed shoulders and hips, strong back and a relatively powerful short paws. Straight front legs. Paws are large, strong, rounded shape. Short, thick tail gradually tapers to a rounded tip. Head with broad skull, round shape. Outlines of faces in the British Shorthair are also close to the circle, that reinforces the sense of power and strength. The head of an adult British Shorthair cat has certain characteristics - well filled cheeks are required, as well as the "Cheshire smile", which is famous for the classic British cats. The nose is straight, with a slight indentation at the base, short and wide. Ears are relatively small, widely spaced on the head, with rounded ends. Eyes are large and round. ??Very expressive. The eye color varies from yellow to bright orange. The distance between the eyes should be equal to the width of the eye. The coat is short, very dense due to the development of the undercoat.

Temperament: The British Shorthair reminds you of a teddy bear - very peaceful, cheerful, tolerant cat. The nature of a balanced, calm, not too emotional animal makes life next to the British Shorthair fairly easy. This cat adapts well to both: city and countryside life (in the last case reveals formidable hunting instincts). Sociable with other cats and dogs, this cat can show herself as a good partner for games. Very affectionate, but unobtrusive. British Shorthair is gaining the final weight only to the age of 2-3 years, because it has a strong constitution. Sexual development in this cats is relatively late.


British Shorthair cats are the real aristocrats among their kinsmen. The seriousness and solidity in this cats is combined with the thoroughness and kindness. They are such a good-natured bumpkins - our British! If you will close your eyes and imagine a teddy bear, smiling like a Cheshire Cat from Lewis Carroll's tale, it will be a typical British Shorthair cat.

For many reasons, the British Shorthair is called "a perfect cat": great looks, nice nature, literally radiating self-esteem, ease of care and a calm temperament - all these features provided the meteoric rise of popularity of the British cats. Some people say that the British Shorthair cat is a cat for a business person, employed, and without possibility to dedicate a lot of time and attention to his pet. British Shorthair cats can tolerate well the minutes, and even hours of separation from their owner, without worrying about it. British cats sometimes like to be alone, pondering the meaning of life, comfortably ensconced in your favorite armchair, lounging on your favorite sofa. British cats can also be called an intelligent hulk, a kind of muscular, robust fellow with a "stuffed" cheeks and thick neck.

A small British kitten is just the embodiment of a small plump teddy bear, who lives next to a man. The oceans of charm comes from the lump-fluffy kitten, and how much joy and pleasant moments this little wonder will bring to you and your family, especially children - it is impossible to express in words!

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