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Weight: 7-17 lb Origin: United States

Grooming&Shedding: Low/Medium ??Coat: Shorthair

Color: All Persian colors

Span of life: 10-13 years

Breed: In the early 1960's the breeders of American Shorthair cats to strengthen the type decided to use Persians as an improvers. However, the kittens were unique and had a decidedly different appearance from what those breeders were looking for. This caused a loud debates among the breeders of American Shorthair and Persian cats in CFA. Finally, breeders, working with the hybrid lines decided to create a new breed that will be called "Exotic Shorthair".

American breeders were given the choice to rank the hybrid kittens to the Americans or Exotic, but once recognized as the Exotic, they could not return back to mating with the American Shorthair.

In mid-1960's, breeders have expanded the breeding program to include also another short-haired breeds such as Burmese and British Shorthair. In 1967 CFA gave a formal recognition of the Exotic Shorthair as a breed.

At the beginning of breeding the only allowed colors were the traditional colors of Persian or American Shorthair, TICA in 1980 recognized the Exotic Shorthair in rare colors. Today both: ACFA and CFA recognize the widest range of colors. TICA again expanded the acceptable colors in 1989, recognizing the cats in the intermediate categories of color (sepia, and mink).

exotic shorthair cat breeds

One of the specific aspects of mating with the Persians means that fifty percent of the kittens born to a pair of Exotic Shorthair breed may be long-haired, and indistinguishable in appearance from the purebred Persian kittens! Most of the American associations recognizes these variations as a long-haired Persians, and many of this cats have the highest exhibition evaluation as the Persians in these associations. Other associations do not consider long-haired Exotic as the Show-class, and only breed them as pets. These kittens are sold in America as Persian kittens of a Pet-class or as a mating partners for Exotic Shorthair, but they are not allowed to participate in the Shows.

Exotic Shorthair kittens of a breeding quality are sold in America at costs between $ 350 - $ 1000. Animals of Show-class are offered at prices ranging from $ 800 - $ 3500, depending on the expected Show results and backgrounds.

For busy people, those who loves the sweet muzzles of Persians, but has no time for daily care, Exotic Shorthair is a real dream. They are the true Persians with one exception: their coat has a thick, short, dense, plush, texture. Exotic coat is unique to this breed and gives them a soft, rounded, cuddly appearance. Their wonderful coat requires much less maintenance than in case of a Persian and never will resemble a tangled yarn. Due to the simple grooming Exotic Shorthair sometimes is affectionately called the "Persian for lazy people.

General Features: Exotic Shorthair cat must meet the standard of Persians for the nose, eyes, ears, chin, and body composition. Exotic does not have a long hair, which will hide the ears that are too large, or conversely, too high set on his head, no massive ruff to hide the neck, which is too long and thin, no coat to mask the tall, thin legs or elongated body, and no collar to decorate a small head with a slightly filled cheeks. Therefore, an Exotic cat is absolutely round, deliciously chubby cat with a sweet expression on his face and a bright contrasting color, which often loses all it's charm in Persians.

Recognized by the majority of feline Associations of America in the late 1960's, an Exotic Shorthair breed allows all colors recognized with the Persians. Some lines have been established Exotic breed on the basis of Burmese, to secure the short hair, while others used the same line of British and American Shorthair, and some breeders even added the blood of Russian Blue to achieve the gloss coat so common in this breed. But today, the only acceptable partner for the Exotic Shorthair and the only improver of their type is Persian.

Perfect Exotic Shorthair cat must give an impression of a heavy, large, well-balanced cat with a pleasant expression and soft, rounded lines of the muzzle and body. Large, round, wide-set eyes on a large round head contribute to an open look and a sweet expression. Elegant plush coat softens the lines of the body, and emphasizes the massiveness of the skeleton.

Silver-colored Exotic are described in details in the standards of British or Persian silver cat. It is the white fur with black tips, that gives a silver color.

The short nose of Exotic Shorthair cats is not so short as that of the Persians, but the audience likes it even more. In general, despite it's young age, the Exotic Shorthair breed enjoys a great success.

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Temperament: Exotic Shorthair is a short-haired version of the Persians. They have a funny chubby muzzles, like Persian and a short plush coat, which gives them a unique charm that attracts your eye. Very responsive to people and all human emotions, Exotic breed has inherited from the Persians a very sociable and affectionate temperament, but twenty years of adding the bloods of various short-haired breeds made Exotic Shorthair more funny and more inquisitive than their long-haired relatives.

Gentle, sociable character of the Exotic Shorthair cats allows them to fit into your house at any age.They remain playful for a very long time and bring pleasure for many years. Funny, peaceful and clean - this is the perfect pet. Of all breeds only the Exotic cats took the best of both worlds - a long-haired and short-haired.

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