Devon Rex general features, temperament, health

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Weight: 5-10 lb Origin: United Kingdom

Grooming&Shedding: Low/Medium ??Coat: Short and curly

Color: Any colors are allowed

Span of life: 12-15 years

Breed: If you have ever missed the world of fairy tales, take a look at the Devon Rex, whose appearance will remind you of a little pixie or fairy.??Maybe you will feel happier and more relaxed from the presence of this almost fairy-tale creatures...

To better appreciate the unique looks of Devon Rex, throw aside your ideas about how the cat should look like.??Once a small mutant gene has helped an ordinary granary cats to create a kind of fairy.??Low set large ears protruding over the elf's muzzle, their big glowing eyes will certainly let you know - here is an unusual personality!??Communication with this cats will confirm their fabulous origin.??Devon Rex is very popular around the world.??They are rightly regarded as one of the most convenient and socially adapted breeds of cats.??In addition, for some obscure reason Rex cats does not cause allergies in some people who are allergic to animals.??But let's proceed.

In 1960, around an abandoned mine in Devonshire, England, once appeared an unusual animal: a graceful cat with the wavy hair all over his body. This cat was walking calmly, but never let anyone to touch him and he was ??accompanied by a very pretty female cat, presumably his daughter or other close relative.??Where did that cat go - no one knows, but his companion was caught and after some time this kittie awarded her new owner a litter of kittens, among which there was the only kitten with black wavy hair. He was??named "Curly." It??was the very first registered Devon Rex, and from him later came all the bloodlines of the Devon Rex cats.

His mistress, Miss Cox, well-versed in breeding cats, decided that Curly is a new representative of already known then breed with the curly hair - Cornish Rex.??But the first attempts to cross Curly with a cat of this breed were crowned with failure: all the kittens were with the usual straight hair. It became clear that Curly's wavy coat is the result of a new recessive mutations, that was not yet found in the other breeds of cats.??Miss Cox, and later her followers began to develop a new breed by crossing Curly with his mother and his daughters from different cats.??It must be noted, that Curly was different not only by the wavy hair. The signs of a breed were already laid in him and then??enhanced and fixed by the following selection: a special type of head with an unusually low-set large ears, broad flat head with prominent cheekbones, expressive big eyes, proportional, compact body.

devonRex cat breeds

The breed quickly gained the recognition in Europe.??The first organization registered this breed was GCCF (the felinological organization of England) and Devon Rex began his journey.??Next followed the recognition by the other cat organizations, including the largest - FIFE.??Devons were bred not only in Europe but also in Australia, New Zealand, and even in South Africa and Colombia.??In the U.S., Devon first appeared in 1968.??They were imported from England by the Whites couple from the cattery Anglo-Tex.??These devoted ??pioneers of the breed are still breeding Devon Rex cats in Texas.

It must be noted, that the establishment of the breed in America - now leader in breeding Devon Rex - was not easy. The largest felinological organization of America - CFA - for a long time refused to recognize the Devon Rex as a new breed, exhibiting and judging only "Rex" - combining them with the already recognized and known by the time Cornish Rex.??In order to maintain and adopt a unique breed the enthusiastic breeders have worked on their own, and due to their purposeful activity gradually, one after another, the American felinological organisations began to recognize the breed.

CFA??recognized??Devon Rex only in 1979, and in 1983 was finally opened the class of champions. Despite??such a late acceptance, Devon Rex are becoming increasingly popular as a breed in the USA and Canada, due to the high level of breeding species in those countries.??Despite it's "youth", the breed has become so competitive that it's best representatives rightly divide the prizes in the elite lists of the national winners.

General Features: Devon Rex has a very unique look. His??distinctive shape is easily recognizable even from afar, it is one of the main qualities of the breed.??Ironically, in the breed that has arisen due to the mutation of wavy hair, the priority is given to this particular "Devon look", emerging from a special type of head and body.??The importance of a coat is also great, but it is exactly the "Devonian look" that makes this breed unique and not similar to the others.

It is very difficult to describe the charm of this breed by the stingy standard words.??Let's just say that Devon has a very peculiar type, comprising from the combination of a couples of harmonious signs: short compact, muscular body on high legs combined with a rather large short head topped with huge ears, the head sits on a long slender neck, combined with a long tail and high legs??.??Well, wavy hair gives a special charm to the Devonian appearance, making it completely irresistible.??However, there is one more feature, without it Devon will not be "Devonian".??This is an unusual, bright, expressive, and always extremely meaningful glance. And the expression itself can be constantly changing: once you see before yourself a completely naughty kitten, full of pranks and mischief, in few minutes - it is extremely inspiring glance of romance, making the Devon Rex to look like a fairy tale creature, but another second - it's just a lazy look of a bored house cat.

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Temperament: It seems like the Devon Rex cats were specially created to be a lovely pets, ideally adapted for life in the modern apartments.??They are very intelligent, affectionate, very fond of human society, and if you tell them that it's allowed -he will always accompany you everywhere - either as a living collar on your shoulder, or as a naughty puppy, following you wherever you go.??However due to their sensitivity, they'll know if you're bored with their company, and will not bother you again until they catch your glance, that would tell them - you ready to communicate again. It is quite possible, that the??Devon idolize us.??At least, even the unpleasant procedures such as cutting nails, bathing, or execution during the treatment they take with some kind of emphatic dignity, as if consciously trusting a man to do with them whatever he sees is right.??It is hard to imagine the Devon Rex scratching or biting somebody, even in the most critical situations.

Devon is very smart, he responds to his name like a dog, he can easily learn any command.??Devon is very slick and bouncy. To get themselves??somewhere on the cupboard or refrigerator does not cause them any special work.??But they behave generally correct: they do not through things, do not spoil the flowers, do not try to pull off what "is not hidden". The voice of a??Devon Rex is nice and soft, they are not noisy, even the female cat during her heat is usually expressing her state only with the soft purring.

The heats??themselves are relatively rare - every two or three months.??Males are usually not "marking" and behave calmly.??It must be noted that this behavior is a rare and pleasant exception in the world of cats, especially among the short-haired group.??"Tastes are different", so do not be surprised if your Devon will suddenly become a passionate lover of something like pickled tomatoes, honey comb, or even some rarities, slightly associated with the traditional notions of cat food.

What can you do, the Devon Rex cats often have a very distinctive taste!??Devons are usually peaceful.??Sometimes even two lactating queens unite their kittens in one general "crib" and look after them together.??However, there are some exceptions, and if in relation to people all the Devon Rex cats are extremely affectionate, with their??cousins??- cats they may be more selective: a tender friendship with one and a stable, like in all cats, ??hate for the other.??What can we do, Devon is still a cat!

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