Bambino general features, temperament, health

Bambino dog breed photo

Weight: 5-10 Ib Origin: Russia/USA

Grooming/Shedding: Low, Coat: Hairless

Color: any colors and patterns are allowed

Span of life: 15-20 years.

Breed: Looks like our world is still in lack of cats. Of course, the amount of the purebred cats is much less than the amount of an ordinary cats, but still many catteries are tirelessly supplying humanity with the furry darlings of the most amazing forms. Moreover, not all breeders are limited to a single breed - some of them are ready to go for a risk and experiment, some of them are inventing new breeds of cats.

There are cats in the world, called the Canadian Sphynx - they are hairless. And there are cats in the world, called the Munchkin - they are furry and short-legged, like a Dachshunds. And in some catteries involved in breeding these two breeds, from time to time occurred confusions - cats of different breeds were falling in love with each other and - as a result -  those cats were giving to their owners a kittens of absolutely unimaginable kind. Breeders concerned about their reputation and the purity of the blood of their wards, were hurrying to get rid of bastards - in other words, until the last few years, for some reason no one had no idea that these two can build an amazing new breed. But the idea was in the air and eventually it happened: In the early 2000s, funny hairless and in the same time short-legged kittens from the unwanted bastards became a separate (and quite valuable) breed.

This new amazing cats were bred almost at the same time in America and in Russia. And it seems that this time Russian breeders managed to jump over: the American breeders have reported on the creation of a new breed in 2006,  first Russian Bambino was shown at the exhibition already in 2005. And if anyone thinks that there is nothing easier than to create a breed of cats, then he obviously has never created any feline species: it is not enough just to let cats to mate. First we must take the best of Sphinxes and the best of Munchkins and marry them, taking into the account many genetic questions (which are not exactly the subject right now). And yet it is necessary that all the kittens were born the way, it was designed in breeder's mind. Believe it or not, all this requires time and money. But for such a wonderful cat, like Bambino one will not be sorry to pay even all this money. By now the Bambino kitten purchased from a good breeder may cost up to 10 000 dollars. However, the kitten, that will not be used in the further breeding programs (castrated or sterilized) can be bought much cheaper (with 1,5-3 thousand dollars). And if Bambino kitten is offered to you very cheap - it is certainly suspicious.

Bambino cat breeds

General Features: So, Bambino - is a hairless cat, that is either entirely out of coat, or has a little fuzzy to the touch coat. This cat has a short legs. Some people, when they see Bambino on a Cat Show may ask the owner if he cut his cat's legs off. Quite a strange idea, because hardly a cat with severed legs would feel so happy, as is characteristic to most members of this new breed.

Bambino cat can have any color. Ears of Bambino are large, almost larger than the head, naked tail is erect vigorously (though many Bambino can turn it in a small ring), and a little loose skin is forming numerous folds like in the oriental beauty. Bambino's gait is also quite tempting - when walking, these cats  twist their well-fed backside like a well trained belly-dancers, which, combined with a tail sticking out like a proud carrot, looks unbearably funny.

Temperament: Bambino are not the same graceful, like the elegant Sphinxes - they do not move like a pure bred Arabian horses. They don't move even like a cats. They make a little steps on their short legs and they look (remember - only look) very clumsy - you would think that all the Bambino for a long time were studying on the clowns courses , and now no matter what they do, everyone  around is laughing. And if you do not laugh, you are anyway touched, because Bambino are able to be incredibly touching. By adopting the pose of a gopher (their favorite, they got this pose from the Munchkin) - that is sitting as a column on hind legs and the front legs are pressed against the defenseless plump tummy, Bambino, bending his head to one side, looks pitifully in people's eyes and performs the poor orphan - hungry, abandoned by everyone.

Moreover, an orphan is so weakened that he has no power even to climb on such a desirable, but too high human knees ... Well, people here, of course, immediately take a poor little kitty on their knees and start stroking her and comfort her in every possible way, praise and treat. And that is exactly what any respectable Bambino is wayting for. Bambino cats are very gentle and they are always ready to cuddle and hug. Also a nice and tasty treat is very welcome in this cats - they normally have an excellent appetite! Yes, the cats of this breed are supposed to be pretty well-fed, but still within reasonable limits, so the owners of these little cuties have to be strong in spirit and not to succumb to the consummate begging of their pets when they are stretching such a short, full of folds, weak paw with the fingers, that are surprisingly resembling a tiny human hand. Also these cats need a good amount of exercises and it means that you must play with them often, which the eternally youthful Bambino is ready to do at any time of day and night. He generally tries not to waste any minute: Bambino sleeps only when no one is at home, and if the owners are here, the cat prefers to help them in every possible way.

As for the impossibility to jump on somebody's knees - of course Bambino is just pretending, this cats are quite able to jump that high. Yes, short legs do not allow them to fly up to the ceiling, but the chair or even the table for them it a quite accessible height. That fact, that they have short legs does not prevent these cats from entering wherever is necessary - and necessary for them is usually to go where their owner is: Bambino are very affectionate and curious, they surely must know what their people are busy with. However, the Bambino cats are very smart and they understands the word "no" - and if the owners made it forbidden for them to help during the neurosurgical operation or in the process of assembling a nuclear reactor, Bambino will go away immediately, and he will not be offended even for a minute. He knows - this time will come, when the owner will certainly leave all this nonsense and will only pay attention for what is important - his loyal Bambino, of course.

Bambino breed photo

Despite his short legs, Bambino cats are quite fast and agile. Seeing such an impending trouble as a syringe, tablet, or cotton stick to clean the ears, Bambino immediately spreads across the floor and with the lightning speed flees far away, so no one is able to catch him. Therefore, preparations for such procedures you will have to keep in secret from the cat. But most of Bambino cats do not mind at all to take a warm bath - they are obviously enjoying their bath times. Yes, Bambino are hairless, but you still need to wash them - their skin allocates something like sweat, and then all sorts of dirt stick to it. And a dusty cat will make your hands dirty, and also he will provide you with dirty sheets, because usually Bambino cats are sleeping with their owners. By the way - breeders warn that if you do not want your Bambino to sleep constantly in your bed, never let him to do so - not even for once! Because later excommunicated from the bed Bambino will be deeply unhappy and will make every effort to ensure that you regretted it and you will take him back to sleep with you. And since the Bambino cat is a great master of softening the hard hearts, you will certainly do what this talented actor is bagging you for.

Bambino look very small, but they are surprisingly heavy, about 4-5 kilograms. This is not just their fats (although they look fatty), it is also strong muscles, because this touching little cuties - the Bambino cats - are actually very strong and sturdy creatures.

They love the movement and active games, so the children for them are just a gift of fate. Bambino is not just meekly, but with the obvious pleasure, taking all the infantile naughty things - even children are allowed to chew a little soft cat's ear. And if Bambino is too tired of a child, he just runs away surprisingly fast for a short-legged creature - but only to return immediately and continue the game.

Bambino cats get along just perfect with the other pets of the house - they always enjoy somebody else's company. With strangers Bambino may be reserved, but only for a moment, then this magnificent cats usually accept the stranger's existence - and he is not a stranger anymore, but just another member of the family. This cats are really sociable like no other cats! They always get underfoot, they are always beside you, but they are not from those who will always try to sit on your head with the wild screams - Bambino are delicate enough and not too noisy. And also they are not aggressive - even the males Bambino do not like to fight. And if life makes our little Bambino to enter a battle, he stands on his hind legs and thresh the enemy in the face with his front paws, making in the same time a small jumps on his hind legs. It looks like some sort of funny boxing, but it never comes to the bloody fight - Bambino is not willing to die for a principle, he will better make peace with everyone and will live together and have fun.

Bambino are very gentle and very careful with kittens. And they love not only their own kittens, but kittens in general - there are known some cases when a proud mother-Sphinx was tired from her seven children and drag them in the basket to the Bambino, who was at that time already busy with her five kittens. Little Bambino willingly accepted those kittens and seriously took up their education, making no distinction between her own and the foster children.

It is still difficult to say how big is the life span of this cats - the breed is very new and the data is not completely collected. However, they have a strong health, so there is every reason to hope for the longevity of these lovely, funny, good natured, curious and affectionate cats with the unique appearance.

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