Bombay general features, temperament, health

Bombay cat breed photo

Weight: 5-10 Ib Origin: Great Britain/USA

Grooming/Shedding: Medium, Coat: Short and shining.

Color: black, sable.

Span of life: 15-20 years.

Breed: There is actually two types of cats, that are called "Bombay": British and American.The British type is a black cat of the Asian group, Burmese type. This cat was bred by crossing domestic cats, that had some characteristics similar to Burmese cats.The American type was the result of crossbreeding of the American Shorthair cat and the Burmese. Breed standard for the Bombay cat, that is adopted in the United States, is different from the British standard. A lover of cats Nikki Horner from Kentucky, USA had a dream to breed a cat, that would be a miniature copy of the black panther. That's why she decided to cross American Shorthair with the Burmese cats. It took Nikki Horner at least four years to make the new breed pure, but the goal was achieved: "a small panther" had her coat black and shiny, thick and smooth like satin. The breed was officially registered in 1958. It took twenty three years of hard work from the first litters to the final recognition of the breed.

Bombay and Burmese cats are distant cousins, but the physical differences are obvious: the body in Bombay is longer and larger, also Bombay cats have longer limbs and the "stop" on their faces is less pronounced.

Black color of Bombay cats is caused by a dominant gene. However, they have inherited also a recessive gene, which is manifested in the "sable" color. When crossing two black animals, in a litter of kittens one may appear with "sable" color, but in crossing the Bombay cat with the Burmese there will be only one black kitten in the litter.

Animals with "sable" color are not allowed to be a Show Cats, since this color is not described in the standard. Only Association TICA allows to show cats of the "sable" color, calling them "Burmese of a falcon color." Actually only a very experienced breeders can really distinguish the Bombay cat of a "sable" color from the Burmese cat. So, purchasing the Bombay cat of a "sable" or a "falcon" color, you have to be really careful.
In 1976 the breed "Bombay cat "was recognized by CFA.

Bombay cat breeds

General Features: The real Bombay cat is quite small in size, maximum 3-4 kilograms of live weight. However, when this breed was created, everyone wanted this "little panther" to be slightly bigger in size, but at that time for some reason this did not happen. Until now some breeders are trying to make the Bombay cat at least a little larger in size, however, the cat herself with her relatively small size and her low weight feels excellent and looks great. Short and dense shining coat, hypnotic golden eyes, small slightly rounded ears, rounded head, strong, with no corners and very well shaped body, vigorously raised tail - this is how appears to us "the correct" Bombay cat.

And she stands before us with great enthusiasm: cats of this breed are particularly in love with people - each and every one individually, and generally with the whole humankind.

Temperament: Some claim that the Bombay cats are not exactly delighted from the presence of children. Well, each cat has her own character, of course, so it is also possible that among these loving panthers there are those, who does not like children's company. But most of the Bombay cats are glad to communicate with anyone, including a child, because children love to play, and the small black cat loves the same. And they also love all kinds of hugs - it seems that the Bombay cats never get enough cuddle with people of any gender, age and religion. If the Bombey cats were not so nice, they might be called a little annoying - these cats love to be in the spotlight, they go after people like a relentless black shadows, they are ready to enter the eye of a needle, just to be in the arms or on the knees of some human beings.


And of course, they never allow people to stay alone with boring work - no matter what the owner of Bombay cat is doing, he can always count on the fact that his faithful little black cat will be doing the same things along with him. However, sometimes people do not want any cat's help, and then the owner may tell his Bombay cat to stay away - and Bombay goes away, but he never goes really far, because the Bombay cats are not easily offended. They dutifully go away and step aside, but then most likely they turn around and come again to help their beloved people. Bombay does not demand anything special from his people - he just want to be as close to them, as possible.

If the owner is ready to stroke his cat or to play with him - here is a feast on the Bombay's street! Cats of this breed rarely have a bad mood - they do not sit alone for hours, they do not pretend to be angry and they are not prone to inherent to many other cats, deliberate self-sufficiency. Bombay cat never pretends that he does not care at all about anyone, he certainly will come as fast as he can if you will call him. Therefore, even though he is a black cat, you will never need to look for him in a dark room, just because it is unlikely that he really wants to hide away from you. But remember - the Bombay cat may get lost somewhere in a huge warm blanket - probably their short fur does not make them really warm, so most of the Bombay cats love all warm places. Therefore, if your Bombay cat jumps on your bad, be kind to let him to sleep with you.

The great lover of mankind - the Bombay cat - is always very glad to see any guests. He is not shy and he is not a coward, he will be the first to run and open the door, because he believes, that all guests have come especially for him. And so, according to the laws of hospitality, Bombay is simply obliged to be kind to everyone who came with the visit, and he plays an excellent and kind host with the great enthusiasm.

Bombay breed photo

If there will be another pets in the house, beside for him, Bombay cat will get along with them just fine (and most likely - very fast) - even when he meets another animal for the first time, he is not shy, he is not hissing or trying to hide away, he is always ready for peaceful conversations. Bombay cats are very accommodating and not at all aggressive, if someone will insist on his right to be the "Alfa" animal in the house, Bombay will not fight for his rights. In general, fighting is not his style - Bombay cat rarely release his claws, so many people do not know, that the claws of their Bombay cat are actually white in color. Which is very kind of them, because the white claws on a black background are clearly visible and it is easy to cut them.

Bombay cat certainly has the hunting instincts - like any other cat - but you can not really say, that he is very much fond of the idea to hunt down all mice and birds in the world. However, he is always happy to run after some little things - mostly just because he very much likes to play. And the curiosity in these cats is so powerful, that any crow flying by could easily lead our amused Bombay cat to some far away lands. But there, in the far away lands, he risks to meet angry people and biting dogs - and as long as cheerful and trusting Bombay does not believe in the existence of evil, he'll come close to those creatures without fear ... In short, if you want your Bombay cat to go out, you should always keep an eye on him. Maybe it would be even better to walk him on the leash - usually this cats do not mind to be leashed at all.

But with all their trustful disposition and easy character, the Bombay cats are also very smart - they know exactly, how everything in this world works. So, if they are told not to climb on the table and not to steal the sausage - they will not (even out of spite). They instantly understand, that a tasty piece can be taken much easier from a child than from his cruel parents - so the Bombay cat will better hover around the dining baby, and will not hesitate from time to time to pull gently the delicacy away with his soft paw from the infant's plate. And all this because of another advantage of this cats - an excellent appetite! In general, the mobility of the Bombay cats does not let them to gain a lot of weight, but yet the owners should limit their little glutton (which, from the point of view of the gluttons, is quite wrong).

Bombay cat always look stunning without any special efforts from the owner's side - the coat of this cats is always shining, even if you brush them only two times a year - during their shedding time. As for bathing - this cats do not need it much. For the special occasions you may wash your Bombay cat with the special shampoo for the black coat. It will make him to look just great (if it is possible at all to look any "greater", that the Bombay cat).

In short, the Bombay cat does not give any troubles to the lucky owners. All what the owner of a Bombay cat has to do - is to enjoy this smart, agile, funny and affectionate creature. Healthy and strong, the Bombay cats often live up to twenty years, and even in this advanced age, they do not become some sort of grouchy creatures, but are all the same - sweet, gentle cats with the true angelic nature.

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