Maine Coon general features, temperament, health

Maine Coon cat breed photo

Weight: 10-25 Ib Origin: North America

Grooming/Shedding: Medium, Coat: Long or of medium length.

Color: Any color (most common - brown tabby).

Span of life: up to 25 years.

Breed: The Raccoon Cat from Maine or the Maine Coon, has been bred more than 150 years ago in the North America, where it is rightly considered as a national treasure.

According to one of the legends, this cat appeared as a fruit of love between the cat and the raccoon, from which many Maine Coons have inherited a striped tail. The second legend tells of crossing with the North American lynx. Many people believe in this version and as a proof of it they say, that Maine Coon got his well-known tassels on the ears exactly from the American lynx. However, both versions are not possible because of the species differences and the impossibility of interspecific crosses.

The truth is that the Maine Coons are a somewhat natural population of American cats. The formation of a Maine Coon was determined for many years by the nature itself, what made these cats to be quite big in size and physically endurable animals, that are able to survive well in the cold winters of North America.

For several centuries "the raccoon cat from the state of Maine" lived on the farms, and his primary responsibility was to control the numerous rodents. Wonderful hunters - the Maine Coons - some time ago have been able to stop the propagation of mice in the fast-growing cereal farms of New England. Living in a semi-wild state on the farms, villages, and often just in the streets, these cats have survived, having adapted to the harsh climate of the New England. Only the most hardy individuals with highly developed muscles were able to participate in the further natural breeding.

Starting from 1860 at the exhibitions, that were held in the north-eastern United States, all prizes were always divided among the most interesting representatives of this exactly breed. And in 1895 the Main Coon received recognition all over the whole America: at the major American exhibition in Madison Square Garden title "The Best Cat?? went to the Maine Coon named Cousy.

Maine Coon cat breeds

Despite the rapid initial success, in the following years Maine Coons had nearly been forgotten since at the beginning of the century the imported cats (especially Persian cats) became much more fashionable in America.

The return of popularity happened only in 1953 when in the United States there was established the Central Maine Coon Fancier's club. In 1968, in the U.S. was also created the Association of Maine Coon Fanciers. These two clubs have made a lot of efforts to popularize the breed and to define the breed standards. In 1976, after more than a hundred years after their first appearance at the shows, for the Maine Coons there was officially recognized their right to participate in the competitions and exhibitions in the North America. American cat lovers were very pleased with this decision, and that certainly affected the emotional strings of their national pride.

The ruling council of cat lovers, whose headquarters are in London, officially recognized the Maine Coon as a breed only at February 24, 1988.

General Features: Maine Coons have a long body with the broad chest and the incredible mass and strength. Important hallmarks of the Maine Coon is the shape of his head, his ears, his body and the texture of his coat.

The head of Maine Coon is slightly extended - more in length than in width, with a slightly curved profile and high cheekbones. The ears are large and broad at the base, set high, well tufted inside. Tassels on the ears remind us of the North American lynx. The neck of a Maine Coon cat is of medium length. The body of a Maine Coon is long, chest is relatively broad. The tail is in the same length with the body.

Maine Coon's tail - is his real pride, often described by the authors as "the tail with a cat on the end." Once again the nature has proven to us that the beautiful tail may be important for the survival of the animal. When the Maine Coon lies on the cold ground, he wraps up this pile of wool around his body, defending himself against the cold. Foxes and other animals with bushy tails do the same. The long tail is also helping to facilitate the coordination of movements of the animal.

Maine Coon's coat is dense and short on the neck and shoulders, gradually lengthening on the croup, which gives him the ability to move in forests and shrub thickets. The hair on the back and sides is called "covering". This dense water repellent coat makes an excellent protection for the animal from the external factors.

Maine Coon has extremely long whiskers, which also is a gift of nature. As a nocturnal predators, this cats must have a chance to feel the closeness of the branches and bushes, not to bump into them in the darkness.

Maine Coons develop slowly and reach maturity only when they are 4-5 years old. By this age males can reach a weight of 12-15 kg, females usually weight a little bit less. This lovely cats are big, gentle and good-natured giants.

Temperament: Maine Coon is an amazing animal. Everyone, who had a pleasure to meet this cat, always notice his incredible self-esteem. The remarkable power, strength and grace are amazingly combined in the Maine Coon with a gentle nature; wild and independent glance of the beast - with his gentle voice when he is purring. This huge cats have an exceptionally beautiful voice. You will never hear from the Maine Coon some heart-rending cries and annoying meows, this cats are extremely musical and all their emotions they convey with the pleasant melodic purring or meowing.

Maine Coon breed photo

The Maine Coon is a very intelligent and noble animal, whose beauty makes us happy and gives us an extraordinary aesthetic pleasure, as everything and anything, that is naturally perfect. Their intelligence is not at all less, than their size, the Maine Coons are usually very intelligent and logical in all their actions. Normally there is no need to isolate cats (males) of this breed from the kittens. Fathers Maine Coons are directly involved in the upbringing of their offspring along with the Maine Coon mothers, and if you have a small child at home, most likely, that your Maine Coon cat will become the best nanny for the kid - what can be better!

The Maine Coons get along well with the other family members, but still most of this cats will prefer to choose a single master. With strangers this cats are polite and loyal, but they can not stand familiarity.

Most of the Maine Coons have a good memory. They are able to remember many words and intonations, and they can understand their owner even by the barely noticeable gesture or glance.

Anywhere outside of the house - in the yard or on a walk in the park - the Maine Coon looks very harmonious and feels great. Although this cats are completely domestic, they look like they were created to live in the wild. As a rule, the Maine Coons do not make any attempts to escape from their homes. But they just love to walk outside and they are not confused by the autumn puddles or winter snowdrifts.

Their love for water is quite unique. The Maine Coons love to play with the water and they love to take a bath, even if at the time of their "swimming games" their owners wash them several times with the shampoo. Maine Coons do not require any special grooming and they are a perfect choice for those who love the long-haired cats, but do not have time for daily brushing.

Maine Coons are highly mobile, extremely agile and very curious. They have enough time for everything, always and everywhere - they help you to cook your lunch, to choose a TV show, they play and run all day long together with your children. Like all relatively large animals, the Maine Coons should have enough free space for movement. They like to watch their owners from the high places. Sometimes it seems that they know about us much more than we think.

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