Scottish Fold general features, temperament, health

Scottish Fold cat breed photo

Weight: 6-13 Ib Origin: Scotland

Grooming/Shedding: Medium, Coat: There are short- and long-haired varieties.

Color: Any color but not pointed.

Span of life: up to 15 years.


Breed: First found and described ancestor of all Scottish Folds - а kitty named Susie - was a barn cat, found on a farm McRae in Scotland. However, there are earlier references to the cats with folded ears. Not long ago, one of the sites on the Internet placed an oriental antique image of a white cat with the folded ears.

The first historical mention of the long-haired white cat with folded ears, appeared in 1796 in "World Journal of knowledge and entertainment." A century later the English sailor brought one of those animals to Europe. But after that we will not meet any documentary evidences of the existence of those cats with the folded ears, until 1938, when again there was found a cat with the similar - pressed against the skull - ears. At that time it was thought that a rare mutation of the folded ear is limited to the white long-haired cats only. Is it a coincidence that the first Folds in Scotland were white and that on that piece of oriental art we also see a white cat with the folded ears? We can not be sure, but it is possible that the sailors who plied the seas, kept a variety of stories and then they passed those stories about the wonderful cats, which then found their embodiment in art.

Thus, the gene responsible for the folded ear is present in domestic cats for at least 200 years. However, the type of a Scottish Fold, that we know today, appeared in Scotland.

Scottish Fold as a breed of cats is very young. In 1961, on a farm near Coupar Angus in Tayside (Scotland), north-west of Dundee was born a white cat with hanging ears (or rather, directed, judging from a photograph), which was named Suzie, and this exactly cat is considered to be the ancestor of all modern Scottish Folds.

The first breeders of Scottish folds - William and Mary Ross - found that the homo-zygotes for this mutation (FdFd) suffer from disorders of the musculo-skeletal system. The bones of such animals are shortened and thickened in the articular joints, the vertebrae grow inside each other very often, which leads sometimes to the complete loss of mobility.


Scottish Fold cat breed photo


In order to avoid the harmful manifestations of the mutation, breeding had to be performed only in the heterozygous form, ie, at constant crosses to normal, without pendant ears, individuals. Impossibility of the existence of the breed in the homozygous form and the probability of harmful consequences of mutations finally was inclining the leading UK feline organization in the Great Britain to ban the breeding of Scottish Folds.

On the "closing" of Scottish Folds in Great Britain, the breeding center moved to the United States. Unlike the British breeders, their Americans colleagues, creating a standard and a breeding program were trying to solve two problems simultaneously: avoid the harmful effects of mutations and maximize the intensity of the breed trait (folded ears). And, instead of crossing Folds with any vending cats, as a partners to the Scottish Fold, American breeders began to select "normal" children of the original Fold crosses with American or British Shorthair.

The breeding material was finally consist of Folds and their "normal" partners Straights (with the straight ears). This system of breeding unified a morphological type of the breed and helped to reduce the size of cat's ears and improve their shape. American breeders have managed to create the Scottish Folds with the soft rounded shapes and unusual, but yet harmonious appearance.

American breeders have stepped far forward in the breeding of Scottish Folds. Their breeding system is based on the special breeding programs, allowing crossbreedings with the American and British Shorthairs only in case this is reasonably necessary, and the base of that programs is crossing Folds and Straights, that allowed American breeders to finally get the animals of a beautiful breed type, different colors and also to virtually eliminate the manifestations of the harmful effects of mutations.



General Features: Scottish Fold is an animal of medium size, with rounded body, with a well-developed shoulders. This cat is fairly strong, with well-shaped body, with no signs of depletion and without any restrictions in movement. Toes of a Scottish Fold are collected in a neat rounded paws. Scottish Fold has a good impression of a downed animal with an average backbone. The obvious disadvantage is the lighter type of animal. Females may be slightly smaller than males. The tail of a Scottish Fold should be medium to long, the end must be tapered and flexible (the tail must not be shorter than two thirds from the length of the body). Preference is normally given to the longer tail and more tapering at the tip.

The head of a Scottish Fold has to be rounded with the well-developed chin and jaws. Whisker pads should be rounded. The head is gently transformed into a short, strong neck. Necessarily well-developed cheeks, more pronounced in males than in females. Eyes of a Scottish Fold must be large, rounded, wide open and set wide apart, which gives a sweet expression to the muzzle. Eye color corresponds to the coat color. Blue eyes and different colored eyes are only allowed in white and bi-color Scottish Folds. The nose should be short, with a soft line of the bend. Although the bend is allowed, still a clearly defined stop is seen as a drawback. Profile of a Scottish Fold must be gently contoured, with no sharp protrusions, and transitions. Ears folded forward and down, preferably smaller and more tightly pressed against the skull. They should be set the way, that let them not to disrupt the circular shape of the head. The tips of the ears are rounded.


Scottish Fold breed photo


Coat of a short-haired type: dense, plush, of medium length, soft, shiny, full of life. Double structured, not adjacent, but standing like in a beaver. The texture of a coat depends on the color or season. Coat in long-haired type varies in length from medium to long. Longer coat is desirable, but short is also possible on the muzzle and legs. Tail, paws and ears must be well-coated. A rich collar is preferred. "Cotton" coat is a serious drawback and is allowed only in the Scottish Fold kittens.


Temperament: Scottish Fold cats are a sturdy animals, that make a very good pets. They can adapt to almost any conditions of life. Scottish Fold has a balanced character and a great attachment to the house and people. This cute cat is quite unpretentious. The Scottish Fold has a very special voice. It is unusual, different from the normal meowing, sounds a little stridently. Another characteristic feature of the breed - the ability to stand on the hind legs without much effort. Typically, these cats are standing on their hind legs if they are interested in something, but they can not consider the subject of interest. In this position the Scottish fold resembles a little dwarf.



Scottish Fold kittens are very playful, very tame, they can be trained quite easy. For example it is easy to train them not to spoil the furniture, which will avoid many future troubles. Sometimes this cats are watching TV, especially they love cartoons. Scottish Fold kittens quickly learn the rules and regulations of staying in the apartment. Even in the stormy teenage years you will not see the Scottish Fold hanging on the curtains.

They are good companions for the children in their games, but if it becomes too noisy, the Scottish Fold may get scared. If you have a family with children, it is better to purchase a little bit older kitten - aged three of four months, because they are already adapted to independent living and social interaction. Remember, if the Scottish Fold is not purebred, such a cat may sometimes be aggressive and start to scratch and bite.

If the Scottish Folds are treated too roughly, they just simply go away, this cats almost never scratch and do not bite (with the right education.) Actually, the Scottish Fold is just one perfect cat for people who like quiet animals with unusual appearance.

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