American Shorthair general features, temperament, health

American Shorthair cat breed photo

Weight: 8-15 Ib Origin: America

Grooming/Shedding: Medium, Coat: Short.

Color: Any color (although the most popular is silver tabby).

Span of life: up to 25 years.

Breed: Almost everything is known about the ship "Mayflower", that in 1620 had brought the first English settlers to America. We know what was it's displacement, and the number of passengers and the number of children, and even about the presence on board of at least two dogs. But the history is silent about the amount of cats, that were travelling along with people to the New World. It is clear only that the cats definitely were there, otherwise no one will get successfully to any America: the indispensable ship rats and mice would of eat carefully everything and anything, that they could reach, so that the food, that the first settlers collected for their trip would have ended somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

So finally this exactly cats form the "Mayflower" reached the American coast and started to breed there in the new lands. They did it for the most part entirely independently, in person deciding with whom, when and how they would have children, as a result of these breeding, once completely unpretentious British cats totally altered and transformed into aboriginal, which now means - formed without any human intervention - breed of cats.

American Shorthair cats for centuries were working: they not only saved the American farms from rodents, they also became the ship mousers, which often were officially hired in the crew along with people. In short, they were loved and valued, and it was less than 300 years passed since the founding of the first British colony in the U.S., when the American Shorthair cats were officially recognized as an existing breed of cat. Those marvelous cats were then participating in the exhibitions and they had all possible aristocratic rights.

This glorious events happened at the beginning of the XX century, but in the 1930s, because of some mysterious reasons Felinological society suddenly changed the name of the breed: the American Shorthair suddenly was decided to call Domestic, from which many potential buyers have made a strange conclusion: they decided that the Domestic - means not a purebred, stray, street and common cat, from those, who are probably can be found basically anywhere. As a result, the American Shorthair nearly disappeared from the face of the earth as a breed: not much people really wished to buy not a purebred kittens, and the remaining breeders, ridiculed and misunderstood, were forced to stay for some time in this strange situation.

American Shorthair cat breeds

But yet they did not give up: the few remaining catteries in America were still courageously breeding the American Shorthair cats, simultaneously proving to the felinological world their right to return to their pets their fairly deserved status. And in the 70s of the last century the glorious return finally happened, and the American Shorthair, this once forgotten American aristocrats, reoccupied their rightful place.

General Features: American Shorthair cat is purposefully bred in the United States since 1965. The appearance and color of this cats reminds the European Shorthair cats. Colors of this breed: cream, white, blue, red, "black smoke", black, "blue smoke". There is another kind of color, which became known as ginger. By the nature the American Shorthair cats can be described as gentle and kind, cunning and jumpy, they are very famous because of their courage and good hunting qualities.

American Shhorthair are not so big in size, though the males are usually for about one third larger than the females: seven or eight courageous male kilograms against five or six - for females. And all those kilograms - are taut muscles, as well as a large head with a slightly elongated muzzle, wide-set ears and rounded bewildered eyes, that are sometimes giving a little surprised, very cute and completely harmless expression to the faces of the American Shorthair cats.

Temperament: Perhaps their excellent health and longevity the American Shorthair cats owe to their ancestors, that lived for centuries in ecologically clean conditions of a villages in North America. In addition, this cats were not at all not living on the pillows: they could find themselves outside in the rain, they were hunting, they had to wade through the bushes and make a lot of other physical exercises, which for hundreds of years was turning the American Shorthair into a powerful, strong, sturdy creature, covered with a smooth, dense and almost completely water-resistant coat with the undercoat so powerful, that this not at all longhaired cat is not afraid of any frost. Besides, this coat is shedding in a very reasonable limits, and the owners do not have to spend hours combing and unraveling it, as it almost does not entangle. As for colors, here the american Shorthair cats can afford themselves almost anything (except for the Siamese coloring). Spots and stripes also can be placed quite differently and this is allowed by the standard.

American Shorthaired cats usually have very expressive muzzles and it is very easy for this cats to change the face expression. Now this cat looks gentle and harmless, another minute - already attentive, alert and ravenous. Although it is actually true that the American Shorthair cats are quite peaceful creatures, unless of course you are not a mouse, not a rat and not a bird: excellent hunters - the American Shorthair are always on the lookout. So if you take this cat with you to your summer home, the American Shorthair will immediately and completely clean the area from all  kinds of small animals. However, the difference between the wild mouse and a newborn and dearly beloved house dwarf rabbit, the American Shorthair cat always picks correctly, so there should not be any troubles. Many American Shorthair cats are some sort of patronizing dogs and some times it comes to the curious and funny accidents.

This cats do not care at all about the small dogs and they are never afraid of even a large ones. They may easily approach to the bowl of a huge Shepherd or even a Great Dane, who was just about to have his lunch, quickly beat a dog on his huge face, boldly push the owner of the bowl away and eat all his food without a doubt. But at the same time, the dwarf rabbit may easily try some cat's food - and American Shorthair would not mind. Perhaps this tolerance to the small creatures in the American Shorthaire cats is due to the fact that in every household trivia this cat sees a potential kitten. To be perfectly honest, cats of this breed are unusually attentive and affectionate with the kittens, even if it is not their own child. 

The American Shorthair are also gentle and patient with the human children. American Shorthair cat will most likely allow almost any nonsense to the child of her owner and gladly play with him for hours and hours. Actually, they are nice with adults too, and generally with everyone.

American Shorthair breed photo

Communicating with the American Shorthair cats, it is necessary to consider one of their features: for some reason, these cats are not very confident when they do not have a stable ground under their feet. It means, that all their four paws must be firmly standing on something credible, they will sit quietly on your lap, but if you pick them up in the air, the American Shorthair will most likely break out with all his might. This cats rarely stand up on their hind legs, though physically they could easily allow themselves this pose.

The guests are initially taken by the American Shorthair cat with a slight suspicion, first this cats sit down, look at the new for them people from a distance, and only after that, if they decide that a stranger is not disgusting for them, the American Shorthair may come closer, and maybe even jump on a stranger's knees. After all, the American Shorthair is a very affectionate cat, very tender, nicely purring, very found of embraces and games. However, this cats are not from that kind, that would climb their owner's knees anyway - no matter if he is tired or busy with something.

The American Shorthair can sense when people are not up to them. Loneliness is not scary for them, they can entertain themselves, the American Shorthair cats know for sure, why people are buying for them a lot of cat toys. They are not too lazy, but not too energetic in the same time. In this cats everything is in harmony. Except maybe their appetite.

They usually eat with enthusiasm and they are not particularly fussy. Also most of the American Shorthair don't have the cat's resentment and a willng for revenge, this cats rarely allow themselves all sorts of outrages such as tearing the wallpaper and scratching the furniture. But if one of them suddenly, because of thoughtlessness, have done something like that, it would be enough for the owner to show his dissatisfaction - that's all. Most likely the American Shorthair will not repeat it again.

Clever and harmless, the American Shorthair cats are willing to live by the rules that are accepted in the house. They are generally very conflict-free and they usually get along with anyone easily. American Shorthair take almost everything, they are quite willing to travel and they even can take a bath without any problems, these descendants of sailors, as a rule, do not hate water and are calmly splashing in the bathtub with the shampoo.

Beautiful, healthy, calm, cheerful and affectionate the American Shorthaire cats are so good that at one time they managed to take part in the formation of many fine feline breeds. With their help appeared the Burmese cats, the Scottish Folds, the British Shorthair, Exotic cats, and even some of the Sphinxes, all of them had their benefits from the elite genes of the American Shorthair. Well, as for us - people - we adore the American Shorthair cats for their wonderful nature and their pleasant appearance.

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