Canadian Sphynx general features, temperament, health

Canadian Sphynx cat breed photo

Weight: 8-15 Ib Origin: Canada.

Grooming/Shedding: Medium, Coat: Hairless.

Color: Any color.

Span of life: up to 19 years.

Breed: The appearance of this breed of hairless cats is associated with 1966, when, in Ontario, Canada, among the normal domestic cat kittens there was once born a hairless kitten, named Prune. Prune after the allotted time was crossed with his own mother and in that litter appeared both: normal and hairless kittens. As long as it was possible, Prune was crossed with his daughters and granddaughters, to preserve, as much as possible of the original genes.

As a result there were obtained two types of Sphinxes, a little bit different in their looks. But in 1971 the CFA withdrew the temporary status of the breed, that was given to it before. Why would this happen? Breeding of Sphynxes has failed for several reasons: first, the breed was extremely sparse, and there was no hope to stabilize it by using the animals, that were available to the breeders. In addition, breeders did not get the genetics of the Sphynxes right.

Mistakenly it was believed that the hairless gene is associated with the sex of an animal. Also, the Sphynx kittens appeared to be more demanding in care than their conventional counterparts, and often died. And, after all, the strategy of breeding was unsuccessful in the first catteries. The story of Sphynxes could end right there if there was no new discoveries. In 1975, in Vaden, Minnesota, from an ordinary short-haired cat was born a bald male, which was called - not without a humor - by the name Epidermis.

A year later, there in the same place was also born a bold female.

Both animals were given to the cattery ??Z. Stardust ??, where Epidermis became the founder of the breed's most elite lines. In the late 70s on the streets of Toronto, near the location of the first Sphynxes, were found three new hairless kittens, black and white male, named Bambi, and two females. Unfortunately, the state of Bambi when he was found, was horrible: one eye was badly injured, and his badly damaged testicles required an urgent surgery.

So, Bambi did not have a chance to become a founder of the breed, although his quite beautiful type deserved it. But Bambi has become famous in another way: until now he is the champion of longevity among the Sphynxes, this cat lived a long and happy life and passed away after his 19th (!) birthday.

Canadian Sphynx cat breeds

The other two cats named Pinky and Paloma, were sent to Holland, where they became the founders of the European line of the breed. In the future, to maintain the genetic pool of the breed Sphynx, obtained kittens were crossed with Sphynxes and a Devon Rexes. The Devon Rex has been a very successful choice: the type and appearance was the closest to the Sphynx, also Devons were the only breed to give the hairless kittens from the very first matings with Sphynxes.

However, there is a certain payment for everything. Such a massive blood influx from another, although genetically close, breed was not in vain for Sphynx.

Unfortunately, very often the modern Sphynx in some lines looks like the bald Devon of a quite week type: thin skin, a bit short - Devonian - head with too rounded eyes for the Sphynx, low, as in the Devonian, set ears, sometimes too light bones - a clear sign of degeneracy of the breed. The sign, so characteristic to the first Sphynxes - their wrinkled skin, making them to look like a little old men, is met not very often in the modern representatives of this breed. It is true, that until now the kittens are still wearing "large pajamas", but with the age, wrinkles disperse, remaining, at best, on the head, and ideally also on the neck.

Sphinxes of many modern lines, particularly European and going right back to them, American, look more like the fine porcelain statuettes than like the wonderful wrinkled Dwarfs as they looked at first. Perhaps the most "folded" at the moment Canadian Sphynxes - are those animals that originate from the legendary Epidermis lines, although their exterior is still pretty far from their ancestor.

New hairless natural mutations until now are occasionally found in America. Such animals are very much valued and the breeders are trying to maximize their potential for breeding. "The new bald cats" are usually a real pride of the modern catteries.

General Features: The Canadian Sphynx is one of the three breeds of hairless cats, not so long ago bred by artificial means.

Why the Canadian Sphynx do not have a coat - no one knows for sure. Like in all other Sphynxes - this is unclear. Breeders believe that probably this is due to some genetical mutations. Currently, the Canadian Sphynx cats are born completely hairless, but sometimes there are some variations possible - like a small amount of short hair on the muzzle or tail.

Muscular and graceful body of the Canadian Sphynx charms with the beautiful gait and a soft and tender, velvety skin. Relief muzzle with attractive lemon eyes and big ears that look like fancy wings of tropical butterflies - all this gives the Canadian Sphynx a unique and spectacular appearance.

The first Canadian Sphynx cats were significantly different from the modern ones: breeders are constantly improving the mental and intellectual characteristics of this wonderful breed of cats.

Temperament: Some people say, that the Canadian Sphynx cats are magical animals. They remind us of the shifting sands, mystery and magic of the ancient Egypt. Sphinx looks like a statuette - the smooth lines of the body, grace, and the glance of his bright eyes directed right at your heart.

Character of the Canadian Sphynx is very similar to the nature of humans: they love all kinds of communicating, also they like sleeping on a soft cushion under a warm blanket. Sphinxes can not stand loneliness, they expect and demand a constant communication with you.

In the house where the Canadian Sphynx is living, life becomes brighter and more interesting. This cat will never deceive or betray you, and the Canadian Sphynx will always understand you and love you just the way you are. The Canadian Sphynx is a perfect companion in your quiet lonely evening, as well as a great helper in raising children. When this beautiful creature is playing with your child, in most of the cases you have nothing to worry about - it is a proved fact, that the hairless breeds genetically are almost not able to show any aggression. In the house, where the Canadian Sphinx lives, there is no sadness and boredom. His various games and pranks are amazing, funny and very touching.

Canadian Sphynx breed photo

Without a doubt, the Canadian Sphynxes do not believe, that they are actually cats. This cats are intelligent, easy to train, they are very focused on people (especially on their owner), usually they get along very well with all breeds of cats, dogs and other animals.

It is important to emphasize one of the major advantages of this breed - these cats can safely live in the houses of people, who are suffering from allergies.

History of the Canadian Sphinx is a great book, which probably would not exist without the collaboration and passion of many people. Without those people who (for the short or long periods of time) have done everything to make this breed better and even more perfect, without them the Canadiann Sphynx would not be, what he is today.

Almost everyone who has dealt with the Canadian Sphynx, claim that this is the most loving people breed from all breeds of cats, that were ever created on earth. Special character is one of a very typical features of the Canadian Sphinx, as well as his naked body, and his unusual appearance.

Sphynx kittens are looking more like a little hedgehogs: imagine the picture when the herd of this small, naked cats, with their funny hanging ears pressed to the back, is rushing down the corridor - this show is unforgettable! At an early age Sphynx kittens look like playful children.

It is not difficult to keep the Canadian Sphynx in the house: this cats do not require much special care or maintenance. Sphynx cats are omnivores - is due to the fact that they have a very fast metabolism and increased body temperature due to the lack of hair. Omnivorous is also associated with the good appetite, but do not forget - because these cats have no hair, over-weighting and fats will be very clearly visible on their bodies - this kind of a fat cat will not be accepted to participate in the Cat Show.

Sunbathing for Sphinx - another happiness. They love to sunbathe in the open air and they get beautiful and rich skin tones. But if you took your Canadian Sphinx to the beach, you must not forget that they are just like people - can get a sunburn.

Canadian Sphynx, like many other cats, needs a balanced diet, fresh air and at least a little bit of exercises. Bathing is not necessary for the Sphinx - in most of the cases a simple wiping with a wet towel will be quite enough. Although some breeders recomend to give Sphynx a bath once a week.

Most of the Canadian Sphynx cats have a good immunity, but still it is good not to forget about their annual vaccinations.

One day, having got the Canadian Sphynx, you will probably never have a willing to be parted with this breed.

If there is still no cat in your house, but you would like to have one and there is a possibility, and most importantly a desire to buy an unusual friend, then maybe the Canadian Sphynx is one of the best possible choices.

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