Ukrainian Levkoy general features, temperament, health

Ukrainian Levkoy cat breed photo

Weight: 11-15 Ib Origin: Ukraine.

Grooming/Shedding: Medium, Coat: Hairless.

Color: Any color.

Span of life: up to 19 years.

Breed: In fact, the gilliflower (that, what means "Levkoy" in Russian) - is a lovely flower, that for some reason completely went out of fashion, but once this flower was quite common in all Soviet, including Ukrainian, orchards and gardens. Nowadays, however, under the name the Ukrainian Levkoy some certain people mean not a lovely smelling plant.

Confidently moving from flora to fauna, this simple flower transformed into a new breed of cat. This kind of cats you never met before. Think of it - for sure anyone, who loves cats, already have seen a lot of different kinds and types of this wonderful and mysterious animals. But a hairless cat with the folded ears... wow! That's something new! Of course, all of us have seen hairless cats. And cats with the folded ears. Any Cat Show is full of this beautiful creatures. But until now we have seen them strictly separated from each other - some cats were hairless and some - with the folded ears. And then it happened: about ten years ago, a Ukrainian enthusiast set a goal to give the world hairless cats with the folded ears, and finally this trick worked out to become a great success.

As a start there were taken the hairless Don Sphynx cats and Scottish Folds with folded ears. For many years this two breeds were carefully crossed. From time to time to the obtained cats there was added also blood of a common domestic cats, this pretty, but mongrel creatures usually has excellent health, so by their presence breeders sometimes are improving the "too Blue Blood" of a purebred aristocratic cats. Finally just a few years later there was born the first real Ukrainian Levkoy - the pioneer of this - still a very rare - breed of cat. Thus, in Moscow there is only about a dozen Ukrainian Levkoy cats, and generally all over the world you will not find more than two hundred cats of this breed.

Well, yet Ukrainian Levkoy is still a very young breed, and as such it is still not recognized by many felinological organizations, whose leaders are questioning the very existence of a hairless cats with the folded ears. 

Ukrainian Levkoy cat breeds

Some Ukrainian Levkoy fanciers see here the common intrigues from the side of other breeders, those, who got used to the fluffy cats with the normal ears. It is quite possible,  that they are just taking the new breed as a strong competitor for their favorites. Although if you look from a side, this denial is kind of strange - how is that?

Here is a new breed - the Ukrainians Levkoy cats exist, they appear on the exhibitions and gather a crowds of enthusiastic fans out there - but still they have no oficial status. However, there is always the same story with the new breeds, which means that sooner or later the world wide felinological society will recognize and confess the Ukrainian Levkoy's right to exist. And then, these cats surely will conquer the universe, because they lead to a great delight even those people who actually can not stand anything hairless.

General Features: First of all, the ears of Ukrainian Levkoy are not exactly the same (pressed to the head), like in the other breeds of cats with the folded ears. Only the third part (sometimes half) of their huge, wide-set ears is hanging down - it looks like a broken petal or as if not fully raised ear of a German Shepherd puppy. It is with this exactly ears are so often provided the cinematic aliens from outer space.

So the Ukrainian Levkoy looks like an alien even more than any other breed of hairless cats, though all hairless cats are so similar to the inhabitants of the other worlds - it is some sort of a characteristic feature of this kind of cats. However, not all Ukrainian Levkoy cats are so irrevocably naked, some of them are covered with something like a very short and soft plush, only noticeable to the touch. 


Well, some are still born completely hairy, and with the quite traditional erect ears - this kittens are still appearing in the litters, because the breed is still completely new, and among four or five kittens sometimes pops up a couple of non-ideal. But there is nothing to worry about: after some time all Ukrainian Levkoy kittens will be of the same type - gorgeous, completely hairless, with the wonderful folded ears.

In addition to the "petal-shaped" ears, the Ukrainian Levkoy (which is a being of a quite moderate size - five-seven kilograms) has a nearly rectangular strong body with a harmonic number of folds, quite long flat head, a forehead, decorated with the philosophical wrinkles and a huge almond-shaped eyes languidly covered. 

Ukrainian Levkoy cats are not accustomed to buckle their beautiful eyes, they go through life with some kind of a disdainful look, that's why some people who are not yet familiar with the habits of the Ukrainian Levkoy, could have suspected this cats of excessive hubris. But in fact, the arrogant-looking Levkoy cats are surprisingly cute and friendly.

Temperament: The Ukrainian Levkoy, this product of a high felinological art, in the depths of his soul would surely wish to be born as a pilot-fish. Only this kind of a pilot-fish, that is without a shark, because more than anything else the Ukrainian Levkoy loves to stick to people. These cats are not among those who value the house above anything else: Levkoy cat is even ready to leave his beloved home if his future trip will be all in a close contact with people. And note, that the Ukrainian Levkoy is affectionate in general with everybody, without any exceptions.

Ukrainian Levkoy breed photo

Even in such an extreme situation, as the exhibition, he never misses an opportunity to flirt with the visitors and with the judges, and even such a "nasty" person, as a veterinarian, will not be left without kisses by this affectionate cat.

And if the complete strangers can be "washed" in this great sea of a Levkoy's love, then what you can say about the owner of this lovable cat. This lucky person will certainly find himself in the entire ocean of tenderness every time his Ukrainian Levkoy is around. To be honest, this cats do not climb on your head with the wild meowing - Levkoy is a quite delicate creature. In addition, a cat with such a prodigious appearance in general do not need to be annoying - it is quite enough for the Levkoy to give his owner this especially convincing look and just purr for him a little. Then people by themselves are running to grab him in their arms. And that is exactly what he was waiting for!

With the other pets in the house the Ukrainian Levkoy is usually very friendly and courteous. However, this cat never forget to make sure that the owners is paying him enough attention: these cats are pretty jealous, the Levkoy may even physically attack an opponent, if he is too close to his beloved owner. And do not think, that if this cat is almost naked, he can not stand for himself and for those he loves.

The Ukrainian Levkoy is actually surprisingly strong for the cat of his size. It is just important that the beauty of this cat will not be affected much by his fights, because if a Levkoy will receive a scars in a usual cat's battles, those scars will remain on his skin most likely forever. So you better love your Levkoy cat at least not less than the other pets in your households and do not make this peaceful and not at all aggressive cat to fight for his place in your heart and on your knees.

It is probably no use to purchase a Ukrainian Levkoy as a pet for your child, because this cats love to play, but only for some time. They do make a cheerful companions for the child's games, but not for long. Out of his huge respect to his owner a Levkoy may play with you for some time, but an excessive jumping for a ball or a fuss over a fallen piece of paper in fact, does not bring much pleasure for these cats. 

They usually do not suffer from an uncontrolled passion for games and that's why they do not make a good hunters: sweet and gentle Levkoy cat honestly do not understand why he has to catch and strangle this nice mouse - is it not better to adopt this mouse, or at least to give her a kiss? Of course, the Levkoys also are different, and perhaps some of them would gladly kill any small fry in the neighborhood - but this is not the rule, it is an exception. When breeders were working on the development this breed, they tried to eliminate from the breeding those cats who were showing aggressive manners. Therefore, among the Ukrainian Levkoys there are no "wolves", most of them are just a sweet lambs, that always vote for love and peace allover the world.

Their free time the Levkoy cats prefer to spend in some comfortable places. They will never slip on a "whatever" bed.  Ideally, of course, this cat would lie down on a master's pillow, but if for some reason that pillow is not available, the Levkoy will most likely prefer to sleep on the electric warmer or somewhere else warm. This cats have no coat to warm them, so in the cold time of the year, you better get for you Levkoy some clothes.

These cats normally do not mind to wear a nice suit - they almost never argue with them owners. They even take a bath without a scandal - even though there is not much to clean. A hairless cat you can simply wipe with a cloth. So, generally speaking, the Ukrainian Levkoy is one lovely, affectionate, very cute and extremely original cat, that loves his owner and makes an excellent addition to almost any good family.

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