Weight: 6-17 lb, Origin: Egypt

Grooming & Shedding: LOW/MEDIUM, Coat: Shorthair

Color: Red-brown with black or dark brown Tipping, dark red, blue, beige and yellow.


Breed: Abyssinian cat breed of shorthaired cats. Its ancestor is the African wild cat that lives in Abyssinia (now Ethiopia). In 1860 a British military expedition brought the cat out of Ethiopia (abyss) in the UK, where there was continued breeding work with her. It is believed that it bleeds jungle cat. Currently, the breed includes eight varieties depending on the color of wool. Distributed in the U.S., as well as in several African, European and Asian countries.

General Features: A cat of medium size, slender. The coat is short, thin, tight to the skin. Color varied, but the more common red-brown with black or dark brown Tipping, dark red, blue, beige and yellow. Preferably, individual hairs were two-or even tri-colored. Clear bands, rings, and white markings are not permitted (except for the chin).
The head is small, wedge-shaped, with a strong chin. The nose is straight, medium length. The transition from forehead to muzzle slightly visible (without a "stop").

The ears are relatively large, upright, with a wide base and rounded ends with a tassel of hair. Her eyebrows are dark. Eyes large, expressive, almond-shaped, usually green, yellow or the color of hazelnut.
Breeders say that eye color in these animals varies depending on the physical and nervous condition. Body Strong, muscular, flexible, matched. The neck is short, slim, elegantly curved. The back is powerful, well-developed, the chest broad and deep enough. Legs sinewy, strong, medium or long. The feet are small, oval. The animal is like "on tiptoe". Tail relatively long, tapering from base to end.

Temperament: Active, playful, sociable, Abyssinian cats are elegant and graceful. They are very careful. Get on well with their hosts, affectionate, gentle, easily trained. But not like an enclosed space, because endowed with freedom-loving nature. Are able to adapt quickly to life in the wild, ie, live outside the home. There are no special rules of care "Abyssinians" no.

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