Libra Cat

24 September - 23 October

Features of nature.
The cat, born under the sign of Libra, considers herself at least a movie star and will ask allot from life. For this kitty the elegant surroundings and a high standard of living are the most important things. Since Libra cat looks incredibly charming and lovely, usually her life is going easily, but even if things are not going well, she will not lose her optimistic and positive attitude towards life and people. In this case, she is simply transferring her attention to another desired object, which she will be trying to get from now. This cat loves to be surrounded by admirers, be it cats or people, but only as long as they show their devotion to her. She wants to be loved by each and everyone, regardless of the appearance or any other advantages of those, who's hearts she is going to win. And this cat will be loved by everyone. But when Libra cat falls in love the perfect balance of her soul will be destroyed. She forgets all her good manners. She feels lost, it becomes difficult for her to focus on anything, which leads to violent fights between her fans. Libra cat would keep a distance from the battlefield, but her vain heart of course will be pleased by the view. Which does not mean that she would immediately give her grace to a lucky winner. Not at all! First Libra cat will need to take a quick look at him, see his appearance and manners. She is too picky to take a walk with an old, ugly and undignified male, even if he won a brilliant victory.

This good-tempered cat hates conflicts and confrontations, she loves harmony in the house and will do everything what's in her powers to be well-behaved and to establish a good relations with you. Libra cat is always very concerned about her welfare and comfortable environment and therefore she always tries to be gentle and loving and even comes when you're calling her. The most favorite hobby of this cat - to watch people when they work. She can sit for hours, carefully watching your every movement and trying to comprehend the meaning of what you are doing. Even as adults, these cats love to play. If you will not provide Libra cat with her own toys, she will find some bouquet of dried flowers, or carry off the contents your basket for needlework and play with those. Libra cat is not at all picky on a food and she is quite modest, so she would not mind even if you offer her what's left from your own lunch.

Personal relationships.
Libra cat is building her relations with people and other cats on the principle of playing "cat and mouse": today she may give them her tenderness and love, and tomorrow she will be cold and reserved. But all this - is just a harmless flirting. Deeply inside of her capricious soul she is always very sweet and peace-loving creature. This feature and her playfulness makes Libra cat the ideal companion for children to play, and she is usually particularly fond of children. She often follows her beloved master everywhere, like a dog. She likes to sleep in a nice soft bed, and if you kick her out, she immediately returns, regardless of whether you are lying in this bed or not. In this case, Libra cat may even pretend to be sick, hoping that you will not have enough hardness to get rid of her. You are lucky if you could teach her to sleep on the edge of the bed, and not to occupy your whole entire pillow.