Pisces Cat

19 February - 20 March

Features of nature.
Even as a kitten Pisces cat will show you her shameless nature. You would not be able to convince her for anything with a gentle persuasion - from now on study how to force. This cat is trying to put her own rules and live according to them only. If she decided to spend the day outside of the house, nobody and nothing will bring her back. If it is time to sleep, she may lay on a trash tank or climb into a clay pot, and she is not going to be really worried what you gonna say about that.
It happens that Pisces cat may fall asleep in the middle of the game, she will suddenly lose interest to a ball of wool, which she was enthusiastically chasing a moment ago. She falls asleep and dreams, and in her dream the game continues - you can understand that by the twitching of her legs. Pisces cat has a gentle nature, she is not getting angry if you wake her up. However, she learns from her mistakes, and next time before falling asleep she will hide allot better.

Pisces cat does not like to obey any rules, so she will feel better in a family without more or less strict order where everyone lives his own life. This cat is very sensitive, so she can understand very quickly what are her benefits, but if she will be sure about your loyalty to her, she will become an ideal student of yours and she will keep trying to please you. Is it not really touching?!
Instinct is helping Pisces cat to capture accurately all your moods and react according to them. If you wish for some comfort, she would lay on your knees very quiet. If you do not mind to have some fun, she will make a circus for you. However, this cat may lose a sense of limit, performing her tricks, and go further than you would like.

Personal relationships.
In her love - affairs the Pisces cat tend to rely on magic and other unusual methods. Pisces male cat will try to win the heart of his lady by telepathy and hypnosis. Unfortunately, these timid steps often lead to the fact that the female goes to a more active opponent.
If you got your Pisces as a kitten, she will treat you as a mother, waiting for care and comfort from you, taking you as a companion for games. Pisces cats tend to focus all their attention and feelings on the partnership with their owner and will be jealous of your friendship with other animals or people. If this dreamy kitty will suddenly suspect that someone is trying to take away her rights - she will fight her enemy like a real lion. However, if she will be confident in your love and devotion to her, she will generously share with you all her treasures: she will bring you a freshly caught mouse or bird from the garden as a gift, and you shell demonstrate your gratefulness and amazement to avoid hurting her feelings. God may forgive you, but the Pisces cat - never!