Taurus Cat

21 April - 20 May

Features of nature. 
Taurus cats are very different from other cats: they can not be called playful, capricious or particularly sophisticated; they are simple, but it is not easy to trick them. They like to rest and relax and you can feel their dignity, whatever position in life they occupy. Even ordinary cats from the farms and villages would carry the stamp of personality, individuality. Taurus cat is not getting involved in any adventures and does not cause any troubles. They will give anything to have a quiet life! They value their property and no one will share their bowl, basket or their toys. But they respect the properties of the others. They will eat out of a stranger's bowl or sleep on a stranger's bed blanket only when it is absolutely necessary. They do not like to leave the house, traveling in a car for them is a biggest torture that can only exist, and if you will put Taurus cat in a portable basket, she will regard this as betrayal. As for food, then there punctuality is valued more than variety. They will be happy to have the same kind of cat's food for many days, if you will always offer it in the same time.

It is difficult to drive this patient, flexible cat crazy. But if she feels that her quiet peaceful life is in danger or someone will dear to take away any of her belongings, then beware. Your (normally quiet) Taurus cat may show such a terrible, destructive and aggressive behavior that it would be impossible to calm her down for quite some time. The best tactic in this case - to leave an angry little devil alone, until the storm blows over. Taurus cats love to nap and sleep during the day, and even if they wake up, they still do not like to be disturbed. They can sit for hours, thinking of life and existence or solving the age-old question of the absolute uselessness of having dogs in this world. So be careful, try not to interrupt their train of thoughts.

Personal relationships.
Taurus cats are very much attached to their owners. If this cat once gave you her heart, she would do everything for you. She will not stop loving you, even if you go away for a long time. She likes to look after the kids, but sometimes takes it too serious. Therefore, if your child suddenly disappeared, try to look in a cat's basket. Taurus cat feels happy in a small harmonious family, where nobody is expecting too much out of her. Treat her with respect, for which she claims, and she will be quite pleased. Maximum comfort with minimal effort - is the motto of these cats. Therefore Taurus cats are constant in their love affairs. If this cat have found herself a suitable mate, she will be faithful to him all her life. Best of all these cats get along with quiet companions who do not make too much noise in their lives.