Aries Cat

21 March - 20 April

Features of nature. 
Aries cat loves to show off, he always strives to be the center of attention and tries to demonstrate how good he is. He likes to be admired, he is highly self-confident, and if he already got some idea in his head, he will simply never give it up. This means that Aries cat is studying various tricks easily and he is ready to work hard, bringing those tricks to brilliance. Even the closed doors are no barrier for these clever cats. The result of this intense activity is a huge appetite, so it is not surprising that with the food he prefers quantity to quality. But despite the fact that the Aries cats are not particularly picky, he is expecting that all his food would be absolutely fresh. If not, he expressed his displeasure, waving his tail angrily, demonstrating his disappointment and he can even look at the neighbor's house - maybe he will be offered there with something better.

Aries cat is energetic and enterprising, he grubs everything he can reach, and he is able to make a great mental and physical efforts to achieve his goal. He knows exactly what he wants and he wants to get it in this minute! His recklessness often leads to trouble, because in his quest for his purposes, he does not spare any of your Chinese porcelain cups or even his own life. Beware! Probably you should remove anything that might be affected by the enthusiasm of your furry friend, or maybe you should insure your property against all possible accidents immediately. For such energetic creature, like Aries cat, it is important to have not only the house but the garden, where he could be left unleashed and fully express himself.

Personal relationships.
If you want to keep your restless Aries cat under control, you have to show him who's the chief in the house. Deeply inside his heart he respect the powerful, strong-willed characters, and immediately takes an advantage of any weakness that you make and he shows no mercy. He loves to play with children, but he wants them to fulfill his every wish and fancy, he should always be a pack leader. Relationships of Aries cat with the strange cats may go dramatically - very often he comes home after a night outside in a condition "worse than ever": hungry, dirty and scratched. He is not afraid of animals that are bigger than him in size, he will be very brave defending his territory against a big fierce dog, but in the same time he can completely fall in love with some tiny creature. In matters of love he is always a champion. Aries cat gives no quarter to another male cats. But if he falls in love, he becomes a sentimental romantic. Aries cat is allot more selfish with people. In case he passionately rubs against your legs, it could mean that he wants to eat or drink. If he is doing for you some trick on his own initiative, it means he is waiting for some delicacy as an addition to his dinner, which would increase his powers before the night on the roof.