Gemini Cat

21 May - 21 June

Features of nature.
Here is a typical Gemini cat: now funny, playful, curious, another moment - reserved, hissing and uncommunicative. Gemini carry a 100% cat's personalities, plus a little bit more. This kitty is very curious, he must know all the news and he put his nose everywhere. Looks like this restless cat can be everywhere in the same time, there is nothing that he had not tried to do, he is constantly making exciting discoveries. This cat can learn, for example, to open the door with one light movement of his paw or break the boiled eggs, dropping them from the table. By the way, these simple tricks are performed, to surprise and amuse you, and Gemini cat will be very much disappointed if you will punish him for those. Just try to contradict to him - and you will regret it! He will become even more messy than usual: he will keep jumping at your feet for you to finally fall down or he will just simply sit on your new black jacket. But if he sees that you are really angry, he will do his best to charm you. These sociable cats usually are purring louder and more often than other cats.

The new owner of Gemini cat must know that it is very difficult to please them with food. They love when their menu is varied and, of course, of the best quality. This cat may greedily swallow a plate of tuna today and contemptuously turn away from the same meal tomorrow. If you ignore his refined tastes, he will pull what he likes out of the dish, and leave the rest. Long afternoon naps do not matter for these cats. Life is too short to waste it on sleep! So they just take a quick naps from time to time and will not mind at all if you wake them up to play - but the game should be worthwhile.

Personal relationships.
Gemini cat needs to have a close contact with many people - the more the better. He is very good in making advances. He will be very gentle even with the stranger - almost anyone can pet him, he will even let a friend passing by to slap him as a joke, he can easily jump on the knees of your guest. But despite that fact that he likes to flatter people, Gemini cat knows exactly how to define friends from the enemies. If your cat is trying to stay away from someone - you can be sure that this person does not like animals. Those people who really love their pets with their whole heart, should consider a very devoted Gemini cat. However, there is a risk that one nasty day your cat will just go away, simply disappear from your life. Despite his love for the man's company Gemini cat is not very good companion for the other animals, also he feels bored with women. However, when this cat falls in love, he refuses from his old habits and fully accepts the new ones - from his beloved female - for some short time, of course. The flame of love will never shine for too long in the unsteady heart of the Gemini cat, but it is furiously burning everything in its path.