Cancer Cat

22 June - 22 July

Features of nature.
Cancer cat has a remarkable appearance and grace of a "prima donna" and the sensitivity of the seismograph. She wants to be cherished and she needs everyone to admire her. She is absolutely sure that the whole world is going around her, and any insignificant little thing may bring Cancer cat out of balance. She is using her delicate constitution, to attract everybody's attention. In fact, if you do not spoil her and indulge her weakness, she may even develop a mental disorder. Cancer - is the sign of the water, and the emotional life of your cat reflects the smooth flow of jets, the ebb and flow. When she feels herself as a water flow, she can sit for hours motionless, like Buddha. Cancer cat is a brilliant actress. If it seems to her that some game is taking too long time, she will presents a complete exhaustion, but if something new will attract her attention, she immediately rises and runs to see what it is. These cats can feel that the storm is coming, for fear they hide in a corner or seek for salvation in your hands long before there will start to flash from lightning and peal of thunder.

Cancer cats always look tired and unable to any physical efforts and they always get what they want, playing on your kindness and sympathy for them. They pretend that they have no appetite, and they eat only because they want to please you. These nervous creatures are very moody and picky, they may refuse from food just because they do not like the color of the new plate. Cancer cat will fix the bed for herself in the most clean and warm place, she would always prefer your knees or a stack of freshly pressed shirts to her own basket. She will always sleep in the same place to show her accuracy. This cat is a good companion. She is not at all naughty, she has no destructive tendencies and she cares about your household goods not less than you do.

Personal relationships.
Even the quiet, shy Cancer cat does not want to remain in the background forever, she likes to live together with a strong person.
Deeply inside her heart she wants her family to make her life easy and enjoyable. In this case, very soon she will start to trust you and become tender and affectionate. If an adult Cancer cat is taken to the new house, she will be reserved and shy for a few weeks or even months, but once she decides that you are worthy of her love, she becomes touchingly loyal and tries to keep her wishes and caprices under control. Her relationships with the other cats are sometimes complicated by the fact that her feelings are very fragile and she can not hide it. But if the Cancer cat is difficult to live with the other cats, her cohabitation with a dog is absolutely impossible, even if the dog is ready to recognize her superiority and take much lower position in the house. Cancer cat is a lyrical and romantic lover, but some of those cats never fall in love, because their ideals are too high for them to be able to compromise.