Leo Cat

23 July - 23 August

Features of character.
It is a fortune even for a cat to be born under the sign of Leo - a Royal sign (as it is called in astrology). Leo cat is a dignified and independent creature, he is living his life with his head raised up high, he do not even notice the other mortals. He values his aristocracy too much to perform some silly tricks for attracting the attention of the public - he is sure that he already is always in the spotlight. Lion cat is rarely lying on his side, doing nothing. He likes the excitement of hunting, but even the urban cats are taking things realistic enough to waste their time on a hopeless chasing. Let the ordinary cats to fuss about insignificant matters - royal Leo cat would get himself busy only with something really important! But sometimes you may see him sitting at the drain in the bathroom for several hours in anticipation of a mouse out of this hole.

Leo cat has no doubt that he is a king of beasts. A huge amount of time he dedicates to his appearance, licking and prettying up until his fur would shine like silk. Every time he is passing the mirror, he must stop and enjoy his good looks for some time. He loves to be photographed and loves to receive compliments. Indeed, his ambitions have no limits. But all his worries about the exterior will be forgotten, if there is a prospective of adventure - in this case he would not mind even to get a little bit dirty or to interfere a fight. Regarding a diet, his favorite meal is fresh meat, also he may tolerate liver. But if you will make him wait too long for dinner, you will have to apologize by offering him a particularly tasty piece, and a lot of affection, otherwise you will be punished with a bad mood of His Majesty.

Personal relationships.
Never ever let the condescending attitude towards the Leo cat. This cat claims to equality with you and will never forgive your patronizing handling. Indifference he hates even more, it is even better if you will shout on him, but do not ignore his presence. If the Leo cat feels that he is loved and appreciated, he will do everything for his human family. He is trustful and friendly and never is afraid of strangers. At the same time, he will bravely protect you from any danger, which, according to him, is threatening you. Therefore be careful petting the other cats, do not start a noisy game with the kids in his presence and, most importantly, stay away from dogs. Many innocent dogs were severely scratched by those jealous and aggressive Leos. Leo cats usually have many friends among the women, who respect their power and do not intend to command them. Leo does not play, he gives a royal receptions, and since not all cats agree to become his servants, he has a lot of enemies who are ready to steal his glory, and even food from his plate. If your Leo cat suddenly disappeared do not worry - maybe he went to look for an extra portion of attention to his person. In personal relations he is expecting to receive the lion's share of adoration and believes that he succeeded, if everybody around would recognize and treat him as a royal person.