Virgo Cat

24 August - 23 September

Features of nature.
Virgo cat is born to criticize. Very often she is also quite maximalistic. Sense and logic of this cat are stronger than natural instincts. She can be very attentive and she always knows what her benefits are: for example, if she sees knitting in your hands and this is stopping you from petting her, she would not even try to jump on your lap. Instead, she will break the filament of your yarn. Virgo cat will very soon find out where exactly do you store the most tasty food and she will be inventive not less than a human to try those when nobody can see her. To open a sealed packet of milk? Nothing is easier! Pull out a piece of cheese from the cellophane wrapper? Better than a game! Of course, she knows that these good things are not meant for her but the Virgo cat has no conscience. If you will shout on her she would pretend to be deaf. She would be so kind to you that she will not notice your anger until you calm down. The only thing that can stop her on the path to her goal is a danger which she can feel perfectly a mile away. "Safety first" is her motto. If she is going to climb a tree or do acrobatic tricks on the furniture, she will previously make sure that there would be no chance for an accidental fall. Born under the sign of the earth, Virgo cat loves everything green, including your well-groomed houseplants, and you would make her a great favor if you'll allow her to communicate with them. Virgo lives by her own rules, and if you will insist on your point of view, she may fall into silence, and whatever you do, you will not be able to pull her out.

Try always to keep an eye on your Virgo cat, because she will use each and every chance to do some naughty tricks. Table set for a lunch - is a temptation she is can never resist. She likes to eat the same food that you eat, even if it would be pickled cucumbers. Virgo cat likes everything around her to be clean and tidy. If you forgot to remove the comb, a glove or a tube of lipstick, she will hide them so well that you would never see these objects again. Her toilet tray should be kept as clean as an operating room in the hospital, otherwise she may find another place for this purpose, and blame yourself if you did not like it.

Personal relationships.
At your first meeting your Virgo cat will look at you critically, and then another hundred years she will perform indifference, closely watching you and making her own conclusions about your personality. If she will decide that you deserve a closer acquaintance, she will become the most sweet and cute domestic cat, full of charm and desire to please you. The Virgo cat may have a pretty good relations with the other cats - from a distance. If she is forced to live in a house with some other animals, her addiction to cleanliness and order has to be respected, otherwise she may get upset and start to show the nasty side of her personality. There is no choice for a new pet: it must either adapt to the strict rules of Virgo, or get out and live in other end of the house. In matters of love Virgo cat will behave slowly and cautiously: first observation at a distance, then hissing, then maybe ... but everything must have it's time. If the heart of Virgo is silent - she will not follow the instinct.