Scorpio Cat

24 October - 22 November

Features of nature. 
Scorpio cats are born under the strong influence of Mars, therefore they may show unusual strength of character. There is no use even to try to offer them something of a second-rate. Scorpio cat will only accept the best. Scorpio cat loves to explore the neighborhood and will always put his nose into all the corners and crannies of your home. His inventive mind can find a completely new use of your furniture and household goods. Many Scorpio cats are using window curtains as sports equipment for climbing, and for his afternoon rest Scorpio cat can adjust the drum of the washing machine. Scorpio likes to command. If you'll indulge his penchant for those and invite his friends to the house, and arrange for them a rich feast, he will be perfectly happy. Scorpio cat is patient and too proud to accept any help. Punish him - and he will never speak to you again. He wants to get his cut in everything: from a ham on your sandwich - to the place in your new chair. No matter what exactly are you thinking of yourself, your cat knows that you're naturally his slave, and if you do not notice that fact, it proves only how smart your cat really is.

Your Scorpio cat seriously hates to be locked alone in the house, while you are going shopping or to work. However, in your absence he can always entertain himself with a good fresh newspaper. Scorpio cats are happy in the countryside, where they can walk away to find an adventure, they are good hunters and can spend several days far away from the city without any help of a man. They can stand up for themselves when they meet with the other animals, Scorpio cat will not be afraid of even an adult Shepherd. Generally, your Scorpio likes to live a full life. He eats everything, sometimes he may even vomit from too much of a food, but that whatever he does, he does it with a natural dignity. Even the street Scorpio cats always perform this quality of character.

Personal relationships.
You can not ignore love of your Scorpio cat. If he already let you into his heart, he will take you as his property, constantly demanding your attention. He is very jealous and would not be satisfied with just a casual caress - he wants to own you entirely. This cat likes tough games, sometimes he may bite or scratch, but when he played enough, he becomes very tender. Prepare that the sexual life of your Scorpio will be messy: scratched face, torn shreds of wool and torn ears - are all signs of a cat-lover Scorpio. But even in this form, he is able to charm his chosen one, as he charmed you. Other cats are looking at the Scorpio as a fighter and leader. Being aggressive and selfish, he proves his supremacy in the battle, from which he always comes out as a winner - he is simply programmed to do so. The best of the best, he will win the hearts of your family and your friends, and suddenly you may find out that some of them, making a will, made your cat as his successor.