Aquarius Cat

21 January - 18 February

Features of nature.
Aquarius cat has a difficult character, pretty often he may even disagree with himself. On one hand, he wants to be loving and affectionate, on the other - he would not mind to show his claws. He may ask for some milk and then sit in front of a cup completely unsure if he is going to drink it or no. Such unpredictable behavior, of course, is annoying his master, but Aquarius cat will have a lot of fun, watching how angry you are. It feels good for him to be such a difficult cat, cat-provocateur - always in the spotlight. This is the most adventurous cat, the occasional failure does not stop him: he intends to achieve greatness, and he is not going to bother himself with any nonsense. Any messy mistake, for which he has already been punished, becomes for him even more exciting. His creativity pushes him into the most inappropriate places where you will never expect to see him - and he is hiding there for long hours, feeling happy and satisfied, because you can not find him. So don't forget to check the dish-dryer or a washing machine before leaving the house. Aquarius cat always requires allot of love and attention. If you yelled at him and he was injured and hiding, it's enough to tease his curiosity or appetite - and he will pop up, playful, as always, as if nothing had happened.

Aquarius cat naturally is very well-balanced animal, stupid ideas rarely would come to his mind. However, once he gets the audience, his behavior is changing - he may become willful, boisterous, attracting attention. It is not easy to pick the food for Aquarius cat, with food he is quite moody: tomorrow he may refuse from the meal, which he accepted with pleasure today. For him is allot more important in what form his food is offered, than what exactly this food is. If you would just hold his plate and try to attract him with some nice and gentle words - his appetite will return to him immediately. Despite the fact that the Aquarius cat likes to provoke you from time to time and to try your patience, he really admires everything about humans. Maybe you did not notice, but your cat does everything to be like you.

Personal relationships.
Aquarius cat needs a master with the strong nerves, who would not allow him to command. Unfortunately, you can not take this cat with you to visit a friend or for a vacation because the presence of strangers makes him nervous and he will behave in a terrible way - even the huge animal lovers will not tolerate those. Aquarius cat does not like visitors in his home and he will hiss and spit at them until they leave. And then, of course, he will use all his charm to win back the hearts of his family. Needless to say, that he always succeeds in this. He is not bad with children, but very much willing to command and he would never relax until everyone will start to dance to his tune. But you will never be able to break up the relations with this cat. Aquarius cat will not go for a friendship with the cats from the neighborhood - he does not like anything ordinary. "At night all cats are gray" - this proverb is not for him. He usually falls in love with exotic cats or those who can teach him something - it feels so good for him, when he can refill his "box of surprises" after all. Then he can always have something new to amaze you.