Sagittarius Cat

23 November - 21 December

Features of nature.
The great explorer - Sagittarius cat is extremely adventurous. It is very common for him to be a "flying in the skies spirit" and - as a consequence - he often fails. Being absolutely optimistic, he never learns from his mistakes, and carelessly facing the next failure, immediately he picks a new risky adventure. Nothing can shake his faith in himself and his capabilities. Sagittarius cat is not a homebody, he hates to be locked in the four walls. It is difficult sometimes to keep this freedom-loving cat in the small apartment in the city. Permanently locked in the room, he is spending his energy making his naughty tricks, causing a lot of mess. He will sharpen his claws on the curtains, throw all the pots down and arrange boxing matches with plants, testing them for their natural strength.

If you will keep in mind the extraordinary activity of this cat, there will be no wonder for you why he is always hungry, which does not reduce his quality requirements for food. The quantity must be satisfying too, of course. Generally Sagittarius cats are not fat, because they immediately convert received calories into energy. He cares about the quality of his bed, which should be in a quiet but easily accessible place. He likes to spend time close to his owner, but at night he mast be able to go out to look for his adventures. Easily adaptable to any conditions, Sagittarius cat is never getting tired and he loves to travel on vacation with you. He would prefer four-stars hotel, but will also tolerate something more modest, only to escape from the house and to explore new things. This cat-adventurer loves risk, so it would be smart from your side to prolong the wire mesh windows of upper floors. It is not a bad idea also to make for him some insurance.

Personal relationships.
Sagittarius cat will get along easily with those who is not trying to change his habits. Children love his willingness to play and the absence of this aggressiveness.These cats love birds. If you want to please your cat, buy him a birdie in a special "cat-save" box (for the case of sudden outbreak of his natural instincts). With other cats, he behaves friendly, but somewhat detached. The calm, happy understanding, which is installed between your Sagittarius cat and a bird, he will rarely have with the other cats. But if he will fall in love and bring home a beautiful kitty, you'd better let him.
Sadly, this love will not last forever. Sagittarius cat will do everything he can to continue the species. Males become fathers of countless kittens and the life of Sagittarius females is one big endless adventure, full of love dating, separations and unplanned children. You can not do anything to change it, so try not to bother much.