Capricorn Cat

22 December - 20 January

Features of nature.
Capricorn cat is a quite "foxy" creature: he is agile, very good in escaping from responsibilities, also he is extremely intelligent. He believes that there is nothing that can not be turned for his own good. Capricorn cats are extremely ambitious. If your cat got himself busy wit something, he simply would never give it up - whether it's catching pins from the slot for skirting or making friendship with a dog from a neighbor's apartment. Being generally a well-balanced cat, Capricorn needs to be constantly communicating with people and animals, otherwise he may fall into depression and melancholy. He has a pretty high opinion about himself and likes to dominate, but if he feels that you value and appreciate him, he will be a very happy cat loving you honestly.

Capricorn cat is a moderate eater with good metabolism. He admits only high-quality food, but does not require anything too exotic. Regular menu of his favorite dishes - that's all what he needs. You can be sure dish will be licked until it is clean - Capricorn cats are able to behave at the dining time. They may become fat from too much of food, because they are not very active. Relaxation for Capricorn cats is allot more important than food, they need a lot of time for meditation. Despite the need of communication, he is inclined to solitude, and often he is enjoying those for hours occupying your desk and disturbing you from work, so you have to adjust your working schedule to the habits of your cat, but not vice versa. He hates any kind of changes. If you decide to move the furniture, you must first agree on this issue with your cat. Give him a finger, and he will take the whole hand away. Let him once in your bed, and he wants to spend there every night.

Personal relationships.
Despite the fact that your Capricorn cat is sort of reserved in the manifestation of his emotions, he is still a kind and loving friend. He is unhappy, if he occupies the bottom rung on the family ladder, and will do everything to improve his social status. With the new-born child he feels himself a "main cat" and will either try to patronize the little one, or will be jealously watching him - what if you pay too much attention to the baby (in Capricorn cat's opinion). If in such circumstances you will purchase a second - younger - cat, over which your Capricorn could feel more important, it would significantly improve his mood. In love affairs Capricorn cats behave clumsily. They do not like to do the first step, unable to love at first sight, and if finally lead their chosen one in the house, will watch suspiciously, whether you appreciate her on her merits. Capricorn cats (regardless of gender) do not know passionate love - it is the most cold Zodiac sign.