Linda Blair - A Guardian Angel For Animals

Linda BLinda Blair - A Guardian Angel For Animalslair (born January 22, 1959, Missouri) is a famous American actress, who brilliantly played the role of a devil's power in the cult horror film "The Exorcist". But for the animals - abandoned and forgotten by their owners, this little woman is a true guardian angel, who is doing everything to help them.

Unfortunately, the continuation of the famous film was a flop that nearly ruined Linda's career. Linda began to gain weight dramatically, and was arrested for possession of cocaine.

Since then Linda Blair made many films and TV shows and her work was valued and appreciated by both - professionals and just a common viewers.

At the moment, Linda Blair is much more involved in charity than filming in Hollywood. She is doing just anything to help animals, for example, some time ago one of her favorite dogs was stolen, and since then Linda is inseparably connected with the organization against the theft of domestic animals. When she was a child, at age 14, Linda brought home her first dog, and now she is caring about the whole community of abandoned dogs. Also Linda Blair has her own dogs - Sunny, the Staffordshire terrier, who was left by his previous owner, and Missy (this one came to Linda's house as a foster home, but stayed). Linda confessed to the journalists that she can not imagine her life without those pups and they are her real best friends ever. Linda Blair is helping animals with love and respect to them. From the early morning until late at night celebrity cares for dogs living in her World Heart Foundation in Acton, and she also collaborates with other charities, which helps in finding housing for dogs.

One journalist who interviewed Linda, genuinely astonished: "You are Linda Blair. You are rich and famous, why would you do all this? ". "I prefer to work for the sake of my dogs than for my ego" - then replied  the ageless beauty.

Linda zealously protects Bull Terriers, who are abandoned by their owners, which are regarding them as dangerous. Also Linda Blair is rescuing those dogs who had experienced violence in the streets. After Hurricane Katrina, she helped to save hundreds of dogs from Louisiana and she found for them new homes. "I work for the animals to leave a footprint on this earth" - says the actress. "I began to help homeless animals at first because I just liked it. After all, the shelter is exactly the place where you can find your first dog. But unfortunately, this is the place where people give away unwanted animals, because their owners do not have time for them. "

Linda Blair is using her celebrity status to organize the city's animal shelters and to train the other volunteers. She is making documentary films about discrimination of dogs by breed, about the terrible life of chain dogs, and about the fact that many healthy animals are killed in shelters because they do not have a free places. She spends her time, effort and money anywhere animals may need it.

Today, this tiny vegetarian has about 34 dogs in her household. "The love to animals brings me back to my childhood when I was happy," - says the actress.