Charlize Theron - Dignified Dog Lover

Charlize TheroCharlize Theron - Dignified Dog Lovern is not just a talented actress but also a great animal lover. As a member of PETA, Charlize is fighting against killing animals because of their fur. She has four lovely dogs, which she adores. Two of them several times were co-acting with their celebrity owner in her films.

Oscar winner Charlize Theron (born August 7, 1975 in south Africa)  loves animals and especially her dogs. She even recently appeared on a billboard for a social advertising against the use of animal fur. Charlize Theron is photographed together with her dog Tucker with the slogan "You would not wear the skin of your dog, so please do not wear fur."

Charlize always had a big love for animals - since she was a child and lived on a farm in South Africa. Her mother developed in her a compassion for all living beings.

And now the matchless beauty, who's face is well known allover the world, is saying: "People can survive without fur. Coats are not so important. Animals should not suffer because of them. I grew up on a farm, and I was surrounded by animals. Now, when I see the suffering of dogs or other animals, it always makes me feel their pain as my own".  According to Charlize Theron, she would never be able to communicate with a person who hates animals. The talented beauty who played very different roles, tried on different images, told a popular magazine about her dogs.

"It all started when I got my first house in Los Angeles. My friend and I rented a small house with two bedrooms, what in those days was quite heavy for our budgets. Even before we got the first furniture - we literally slept on the floor - I saw the add about the puppies, which were going to be thrown away.They were Cocker Spaniels. Thus I had  Denver, who was the first piece of furniture in my house" - Charlize is telling with a smile. "He slept on the floor beside me. Next was Delilah. I was wondering how they will get along with each other. Denver needed a day or two to realize that the new puppy is not just another toy and she is not trying to take his place. Then, when they became friends, she loved to lie on his golden ears, so I named her Delilah, as she reminds me of the heroine of the legend, who cut Samson's hair.

Now I love to walk with them, especially in the parks, since childhood I love the fresh air and beautiful views. It is really important for me to get my dogs to enjoy nature at least from time to time. " 
Charlize's Spaniel Denver had a small role in one of her movies. Denver played the big scene together with an actress, what seemed incredible to many, because he never had any special training for acting.

Charlize is admitting that Delilah seems to her magnificent as Elizabeth Taylor in the film Cleopatra, and Denver looks like funny and happy character of a cartoon - he is such a joyful and carefree creature.