Jessica Biel And Tina - The Pit Bull

Many celeJessica Biel And Tina - The Pit Bullbrities, whose pictures we see on the pages of magazines, willingly talk about their successes. But when it comes to the private life, most of the famous people prefer to remain silence. After all they are no different from the ordinary people. They also laugh and have fun with their friends, raise up their children and walk their dogs.

Seems to be no celebrity, whose pictures with the dogs will appear on the Internet more often than the pictures of charming American actress Jessica Biel and her beloved American Pit Bull named Tina.

It must be noted that the dog breed, that Jessica have chosen, is a rather serious one. American Pit Bull Terrier is considered to be sufficiently aggressive dog with a well-developed fighting qualities, so the breeding of Pit Bulls was even banned in many countries around the world. However, those, who are able to understand the hard nature of this breed and treat the Pit Bull properly, are getting themselves finally a very faithful and sporty dogs.

Strong-willed and ambitious, extraordinarily beautiful and popular, Jessica Biel adores her Tina. Together they love to walk along the streets and in the parks. the Star Girl is not shy about putting on the most simple, light clothing for these walks, and in the same time she is never losing her individual style. Only Jessica's sunglasses, that are a mandatory attribute of this hours, are saying that the access to the private life of the actress is closed, and the time she spend walking her dog - are actually the moments of unity, hidden from the curious eyes of the others.

Jessica Biel seems to be quite comfortable with the impressive size of her dog. She is not afraid to take Tina to many places. Recently, they came together for a concert of Jessica's boyfriend - Justin Timberlake, who is not less popular, then Tina's celebrity owner. Maybe Jessica went there together wit Tina just to make sure, that her trusted Pit Bull would be able to evaluate the excellent work of another creative person.