Rob Thomas cares for homeless dogs

Rob ThomRob Thomas cares for homeless dogsas (born February 14, 1972 in Landstuhl, West Germany) long time ago became a real benefactor to the homeless dogs by organizing jointly with his wife, various charities and shelters for abandoned animals. Besides, a well-known singer has his own dog: Tyler.

Rob's music albums were sold as 28 million copies. He won three Grammy Awards, released a successful single for his friend Carlos Santana, and has thirteen awards from BMI, plus the title of songwriter of the year.

Rob Thomas is absolutely not afraid of criticism: "There will always be someone who does not like you or your group. Success will not change this, and even make some people to hate you even more. "

But, of course, like any human being, Rob Thomas has his own drawbacks. The celebrity confessed that he smokes a lot, and at one time had problems with being overweight.

For the song he wrote for the Disney's movie "Meet the Robinsons", a real hit of the screens in 2007, Rob was inspired by his dog Tyler. Once, when Rob Thomas returned home after a really bad day, he noticed that his four-legged friend did not care for his somber mood, and realized that, indeed,  it is good to learn some serenity from the dogs.  Tyler - Rob's best friend and a sours of inspiration- was adopted from a dog shelter by Rob and his wife Marisol at  the age of five.

Because of the difficulty with quarantine, when Rob Thomas has to travel abroad, Tyler remains in Florida with Marisol's parents. Thomas tells about Tyler: "Dogs look at you and they always understand what you wanted to tell them. They just do not want to answer."

Rob with equanimity confesses that his whole life revolves around his pets and family. Once he even rejected a proposal to play at the club, because Tyler was bitten in the chest by the beloved dog of Rob's manager and needed a complicated operation. About Tyler Thomas said with humor that he is such a big white dog with a huge amount of hair that stick out in all directions, and that Tyler looks like a big fuzzy spot.

Fluffy Tyler looks like one big misunderstanding, but his owner Rob Thomas is very fond of him.

When Rob goes on tour for a long time, he confesses that  he is always missing his wife and dogs. This handsome and talented man is actively involved in various charities for animals. Rob and his wife, former model Marisol, organized Sidewalk Angels Foundation, a nonprofit organization that helps animals that are dumped on the street. Besides the celebrity couple has organized a fund against killing of pets. Moreover, they decided to rebuild one more shelter for the dogs because it went into decline after the death of the founder Sara Whalen.

"For me and my wife it was very important to open our fund for animals" - says Rob Thomas. "Because the money that it receives will go directly to the animals: they will have a good food, comfortable rooms and plenty of blankets for the new pets."  Also, the singer donated a big part of his profits from CD sales to the organization that was rescuing animals after Hurricane Katrina.

Rob told journalists that once he made for his dog something that he had never done for himself - reserved an airplane to send Tyler to New York. "It was a small plane" - Rob was trying to somehow justify this unprecedented luxury for his pet. Also in one of the e-mails of social networks there have been made special smileys, looking like Rob Thomas, who also requested that at the smiley he will appear with his beloved Tylor.