Jake Gyllenhaal's Best Friends

Jake GyllenhJake Gyllenhaal's Best Friendsaal (born December 19, 1980 in Los Angeles, California) - an  American actor, who became famous after he played one of the main roles in the cult film "Brokeback Mountain", is very fond of his two dogs. One of those pets he still shares with his former girlfriend, actress Kirsten Dunst.

Jake Gyllenhaal grew out of sugary roles of adolescent boys long time ago, since the very beginning he was very serious about his acting career and he had always wanted to play a serious roles.

Another Jake's passion - besides for movies - is his dogs Atticus and Boo, named after the main characters of his favorite book "To Kill a Mockingbird" written by Harper Lee. His dogs are very different, quite unlike each other, reflecting the two sides of Jake's multifaceted personality. Atticus is a German Shepherd, and Boo is a puggle - a cross between a Pug and Beagle. It's funny that the women, which Jake took seriously, were also two: Kirsten Dunst, with whom he lived for a long time, and a famous actress Reese Witherspoon. He treated Kirsten so tenderly, all their communication was  limited for a long time only to telephone conversations, before Jake invited Kirsten for a date. And his Shepherd Atticus is now their common heritage.

Journalists can not exactly say whether there is now Jake's romance with his longtime girlfriend Natalie Portman, but they can see how much he loves his dogs. When reporters are hunting for a celebrity to be photographed, they constantly see him jogging in the city or along the coast, with his delightful little dogs. And it is very clear that Jake enjoys every single minute, he is spending with them.

Once Jake Gyllenhaal even took part in the auction of the Rescue League for Animals in Mississippi, being one of the forty celebrities, who have signed a wooden souvenir dices in the form of favorite edible bones for dogs. To the auction, which sold these charitable gifts to help homeless dogs, Jake arrived with his pets: Atticus and Boo. All the money from selling souvenirs with the signatures of famous actors went on to build a new animal shelter. Jake Gyllenhaal told reporters how he feels when he is looking at his dogs: "I feel a great joy and I smile when I see my beloved dogs."