Kimora's Best Friend Will Become A Diamond?

Kimora LeKimora's Best Friend Will Become A Diamond?e Simmons (born May 4, 1975 in St. Louis, Missouri) was very fond of her remarkable dog Zoe - a black Pomeranian. The super model was always taking her beloved pet everywhere, Zoe was even appearing with her in the fashion shows. And when Kimora's favorite dog died, the celebrity was even thinking to make a diamond from Zoe's remains, for the dog - even after death - was always by her side.

The fashion designer and supermodel Kimora Lee Simmons took part in the advertising campaign for PETA ??Become an angel for dogs". On the photo she??had no clothes, except for the angel wings ... and her beloved dog Zoe, a black Pomeranian.

Exotic Beauty was protesting against that fact that many dogs are locked alone at home for a long time or even are placed on a chain.??"Heavy chains for dogs - it's too cruel" - says the well-known model.??"Every owner should find some time to go for a long walks with his dog, to play with her."

Very often dogs in the U.S. remain permanently shackled to a chain without basic living conditions: without proper food, fresh water and without any shelter.??According to the founders of a new advertising campaign, if dogs are left for a long time in such a terrible conditions: alone and without proper care, it can lead them to madness and make them dangerous to the others.

Kimora donated twenty thousand dollars in the project to purchase a custom-made cozy booths for dogs of those poor people, for whom as a home often serves something like inverted barrel or more poorly put together boards.

Star is so fond of her dog Zoe, that when the company offered to make a special Barbie doll-up celebrities - Kimora agreed, but demanded that by her side was also presented her tiny dog.??And now the dark-skinned beauty in pink appeared in the plastic along with Zoe!

During the presentation of her new perfume Kimora Lee Simmons ??was looking sad when she was walking on the catwalk, explaining that she was grieving for her recently deceased dog (Zoe died when she was eighteen years old).

"There is a company that produces diamonds from your loved ones, for this they need the ashes after cremation.??I could do it, to turn Zoe into a diamond.??After all, when your dog dies, it's so terrible.??I saw such a collection of diamonds and decided that it was very touching."