Eva Longoria: "I Love Life!"

Eva LongEva Longoria: I Love Life!oria (born Eva Jacueline Longoria, March 15, 1975), who became famous after her role in the super-popular American TV series "Desperate Housewives", the young and beautiful actress and model, very cheerful, very much devoted to her two dogs, which are being constantly spoiled by their celebrity owner.

Eva was born in Corpus Christi (Texas) on the Gulf Coast.??Regarding her way to the top of a stellar - it was long, because she has been through several major setbacks, until the series "Desperate Housewives" finally made her ??famous. After??the success of the show, where for each episode Eva Langoria recieved a large sum, she was chosen to become the face of L'Oreal, and then dark-skinned diva has been ranked first among the most beautiful celebrities by the "Maxim" magazine.??At the moment, the charming star is married to NBA guard Tony Parker.

The popular actress Eva Longoria is sincere and effusive when it comes to her love for her husband Tony, her career, her friends and her dogs.??She appreciates everything and everyone, who makes her happy.??"I love my husband with all my heart," - says the star about Tony Parker.??"I'm tied to my family, need my girlfriends, live with my work, and I really love my dogs.??I love life. "

Eva's first dog is an adorable Maltese, named Jinxy.??The celebrity always takes a good care of the snow-white fur of her pet, so little Jinxy always looks very sleek, completely matching the image of a Hollywood spoiled lap dog. Recently - to accompany her favorite Maltese - Eva Longoria got a new pup - a cute black Pug. And she already began to spoil this little doggie as well.

Almost immediately after acquiring the puppy, Eva came into the glamorous celebrity dog boutique, which is frequently visited by those celebrities who have animals, and purchased a pair of pink leather collars with a picture of dice and a pink skull with artificial diamonds. Eva selected two different sizes for her rapidly growing new dog.

The actress has no children, she constantly reminds the reporters that she is not pregnant yet. But she is looking after her two beloved dogs exactly as if they were her children.??Since the dogs are an important part of her life, Eva always takes them almost everywhere, trying to dedicate as much time as possible to her pets.