One of the most famous pop-singers on Earth - magnificent Madonna - who's star is always shining and who's popularity is constantly rising - no matter what she is doing: music, movies, pornographic books or fairy tails. And no matter what she is doing, some things are not about to change - pop-diva's love and devotion for her children and her little Chihuahua called Chiquita.


Madonna is not just a beautiful and attractive blond who is desired by most of the men, not only the one, who is used to shock the audience with completely unpredictable statements and to change her image so often, that the public already does not know, how to take it, but also Madonna is just a woman with her own weaknesses.
To be a celebrity - especially the shocking one - is not an easy job. You always have to support your image on public. Home is probably the only place, where celebrities can relax, returning to their beloved people and pets, and become really sincere. Who knows, maybe the little Chihuahua Chiquita can see Madonna the way she really is. 
By the way, Chihuahuas are loved by many celebrities, because most of the famous women prefer lap-dogs. If we will talk about the manifestation of love in the material aspect, then Madonna's dog Chiquita, can show you a diamond collar which cost 5000 euros. Also Madonna used to purchase some certain oils for aroma therapy, specially designed for pets. They help to relax the dog, or, conversely, to make it more lively and playful. 
When Madonna's daughter, Lourdes, was small, pop-diva had to hire a psychiatrist for Chiquita, as the dog could not tolerate the child and became jealous. But what is the most interesting, the daughter of the famous singer is very fond of Chiquita, she is constantly hugging and kissing little Chihuahua, and the word "dog" has become one of the first words that Lourdes learned. So despite Chiquita's jealousy Madonna's daughter became her best friend. 
There were also some funny moments in the life of Madonna and her dog. As the saying goes, everyone wants to do his advertising on behalf of the celebrities. So "Chicago Sun-Times" seriously interviewed a psychic, who offered to penetrate from the distance into thoughts of Madonna's dog Chiquita and tell about her moods. 
The reporter asked how Chiquita feels herself in the family, and the psychic, said: "The dog is shy, but can be very evil. And her biggest wish is that her owner will love her more than anyone else". Finally, the Sybil said that in the near future one of Chiquita's paws will be damaged.
Another curious situation happened with Madonna and another dog, which - also seriously - bought the singer's mansion in Miami, when the pop-star became pregnant! 
The super-popular beauty sold her luxury mansion for 7.5 million dollars to a German Shepherd! At that time the proud Shepherd already was the owner of several villas in Italy and the Bahamas.