Ms Hud - the perfect dog of Mathew McConaughey

Matthew David McConaughey (born November 4, 1969 in Texas) is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood and one of the most handsome men in America - already while he was studying in the high school Matthew appeared to be voted as the most handsome in the Yearbook. And if in his relationships with women Matthew McConaughey can afford himself to be light-headed, then with the dogs he will be always faithful - till his last day.

And this phrase should be taken literally because Matthew is loyal and devoted to his four-legged friends not less than his dogs are devoted to him. With his first dog - Labrador and Chow-Chow mix a named Ms Hud - Matthew was inseparable for 12 years, ever since that moment, when the actor picked up a little puppy from the pound in Arizona. With his dog Matthew McConaughey has traveled all over America, because he refused to go anywhere without her. They were truly inseparable from each other, until Ms Hud passed away because of cancer in 2006.
It was very hard of course, for Matthew to accept this loss, but he is not used to live without the four-legged friend, so soon Matthew got himself a new companion - red haired Border Collie mix, named Fox. Matthew officially presented Fox in an interview with the famous Oprah Winfrey. The actor admits that his new dog is just very clever, but Fox would have to do allot of work before he can be compared to the perfect Ms Hud.
"I still just can not recover from the loss of Ms Hud" - said Matthew - "We had a trip from California to Florida and back when the dog felt bad. She was diagnosed with cancer in a veterinary clinic in Louisiana. On the way back we had to amputate her front paw. Then we were sailing on one river in Texas, Ms Hud was feeling just fine, but when we returned home, she woke me up during the night, as if to say 'Hey man! ... I need a little help ...." I took her to the hospital that morning, but her hind legs at this time became paralyzed ... The doctor said: "Usually we amputate hind legs ... but before we did it for the dogs, who have two front ..." Ms Hud looked at me and i looked at her and I asked: "Ms. Hud, do you want to be a one-legged dog?" She seemed to answer me "Let me go my own way ....." And I had to let her go.