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Detailed  information about dog breeds, Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) classification, breed history, general features, dog temperament, health problems.

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Dog Horoscope

For sure, each one of us noticed at least for once that animals just like humans have their own unique character. However, it's interesting that the various behavioral characteristics of the animals are sometimes completely inexplicable. For example two cats or dogs from the same breed may appear to have very different nature - one can by playful and affectionate and another, for example, inhospitable and reserved even with it's owner.

It turns out that horoscope has a great influence on the nature of animals, not less than on the nature of humans. Therefore do not neglect the date of birth of your four legged friend, after all, his zodiac sign might be decisive in his character and behaviors. If you will study horoscope of your pet, you will be able to find a common language with him easily, as well as get the answers to many questions you thought will forever be enigma.


Dog Training Tips

Dog lovers will find useful information about dog training, dog training videos and many others training advices.


Dog food ratings, natural food choice, ranked brands

Here customers will find detailed ratings and reviews about dog food - ranked brands, food choice and customers feedbacks

Luxury Designer Dog Clothes for big, small, tiny and toy dogs

Today the clothes for hairless and short haired dogs, especially of a small breeds, has become not just a pampering from them master, but a necessity, especially during the cold season. Clothes for dogs, especially in the winter, make it possible not only to preserve the health of our pets, but also allows the animal to enjoy going out, even in the cold season, for so much longer!


Reviews of dog training books

No matter if you have a dog already, or you are just planning to get one - one of the most important things you should do - get enough information about a dog training. Even before (especially before) you purchase your puppy, try to get some information about the dog training and dog behaviors.