French Bulldog general features, temperament, health

FCI #101, Origin: France, Group 9 Section 11

Height: 11-14 in, Weight: 17-30 lb

Grooming/Shedding: LOW, Coat: short, smooth

Color: brindle, cream&white, spottered (black&white), not clear black.

Ease of training: LOW/MEDIUM, Energy level: LOW/MEDIUM, Span of life: 10-12 years

Breed: During the XIX century dog fights, that were of course, involving the Bulldogs, were very popular throughout the world, including France. When a new kind of Bulldogs crossed the English Channel, this dogs were greeted by the British dog breeders with the quite complicated emotions. The French Bulldog first came to England in 1893, but for a long time British were not supporting much the development of a new breed. In 1902 in England there was organized the first French Bulldog Club, but by that time there were only a few dogs. Later, however, the French Bulldog as a breed was appreciated and evaluated and finally this lovely dogs stepped forward in a good times. Currently the French Bulldog is widespread and extremely popular breed all over the world.

Of course, like all dogs, who descended from the Molossers of the Roman Empire, the French Bulldogs are related to the English Bulldogs and ??Alans?? - molossoid type dogs, that were living in France during the Middle Ages.

French Bulldogs as we know them today are the product of different crossings, which were practiced by passionate fanciers of this breed, most of those people were living in the urban areas in the south of Paris in 1880.

At that time the dogs of a big traders and food exchangers managed to fascinate and attract the high society and the bohemian world by their quite unusual appearance and lovely well-balanced character. The success of this small charming dogs was amazing and the French Bulldogs became popular and fashionable very fast.

The first breed club was established in 1880 in Paris, the first records in the pedigree book dated from 1885, the first standard was established in 1898, when SCC (the main organisation of the French breeders) recognized the French Bulldog as a breed. The first exhibition with the participation of the French Bulldogs took place in 1887.

However, "yesterday's" French Bulldog breed standard is still pretty different from the modern one. The standard was changed in 1931- 32 years, then in 1948 and one more time in 1986 by A.F. Rein, and R. Trike (FCI publication 1987).

In 1994 the Committee of French Bulldog Club, with the kind participation of R. Trike, converted the standard once again.

french bulldog dog breed

General Features: The French Bulldog is a typical molosser type dog, small in size, but powerful and stocky in all his proportions, despite relatively small and stocky figure. The coat of a French Bulldog is short, it comes in colors: brindle, fawn, white with fawn or brindle markings.

The muzzle is short and snub-nosed, ears are always erect, tail is naturally short.

The French Bulldog should give an impression of a very active, intelligent animal. He is very muscular, has a compact structure and strong bones.

French Bulldog is extremely sociable, cheerful, playful, sporty and lively dog. Very friendly with his master and children.

Temperament: From thousands kinds of animal species there is only one, who is ready to spend his whole life beside the man - without the whip, without coercion the dog happily answers the owner's call. The dog comes cheerfully and willingly serves the master, mourns when he is not here. Union of a man and a dog is an old one, it continues today and will exist as long as the mankind exists on earth. Who once was the owner of a dog, often remains so for his whole life. He no longer wants to live without a four-legged friend.

If you decided to have a small, shorthaired dog, strong and muscular, with dignity and kindness towards people, so intellectual, that it requires no special training, you can not go wrong by choosing a French Bulldog.

In the view of many the word "Bulldog" is associated with a deadly grip, curved legs and a ferocious temper. However, the Bulldogs are many, they have different characters as they were bred in different places and for different purposes. And by the way, none of them should really have a curved legs.

If an English Bulldog is a symbol of confidence and a peace of mind, the American Bulldog is a ferocious guardian, the French Bulldog was originally a companion dog - funny, affectionate and extremely intelligent. And, for the record, every intellectual person is usually characterized by the lack of aggressiveness and unbridled rage. French Bulldog - in accordance with the classification of breeds, adopted in the FCI, belongs to the group IX - companion dog for protection and fun, but is a subgroup of fighting dogs of small size. These two lines of a standard describe the French Bulldog in the best of all possible ways. Small, funny, loyal friend, muscular and sturdy in the same time. The blood of fighting ancestors often manifests itself quite clearly in the modern French Bulldog at the moments of fights or in defense of the owner.

French Bulldog has a very interesting behavior. Among the representatives of this breed usually you will not meet nervous and lazy dogs. Psyche in of a French Bulldog is balanced, his nervous system - strong. This breed is a kind of middle ground between such fidget like Miniature Schnauzer and a self-confident Pekingese. There are a lot of legends about the smartness of French Bulldogs (especially those stories are popular among their owners). Any fancier of this breed will tell you that his pet is the most clever and intelligent. And this is indeed the case: the French Bulldog is exceptionally smart. In the house this dog is not obtrusive. It is easy for him to wait when you can give him your attention and it is always a great pleasure for him to play with you. But if you are not feeling well or just busy with something, the French Bulldog will lie quietly at your feet and wait for you to feel better or to finish your work.

The only drawback (or for some people - perhaps the dignity) of this breed is that this dog always wants to be close to the owner, and very often it is impossible to stop him from sleeping on the bed - next to you. Also any owner of a French Bulldog can not deny their stubbornness. They are very assertive and like everything around them to be calm and quiet. These dogs are very silent, they are barking only when it is necessary and it is quite possible even, that for a few days you will not hear the voice of your pet.

Most of the French Bulldogs are also very jealous. There are known some cases when jealousy happens even to family members living in one house with the dog, not to mention the "uninvited guests" and the strange dogs, who may try to come close the French Bulldog's owner. As a security guard, the French Bulldog is not far behind, perhaps even a Rottweiler - certainly not by power and size, but in anger and suspiciousness to outsiders. Even at night when your Frenchie seemingly felt asleep and is even snoring in his sleep, his erect ears never let him down. The slightest rustling will not escape from the wonderful ears of your little caretaker. Despite their small size, these dogs are absolutely fearless and could easily defend their honor with the enemy of any weight categories, whether it would be a Great Dane, Mastiff, or a Pit Bull Terrier. Therefore, on a walk, knowing the pugnacious nature of your Frenchie, if you see a large dog, it is better to take your dog on a leash. French Bulldogs, thanks to their love for games and the constant need to take care of someone, are especially suitable companions for children. Just as with children, due to his fine nature and fast emerging attachment the French Bulldog is extremely suitable companion for older people.

The French Bulldog is very convenient for keeping in a city apartment. This short-haired dog does not require any special grooming. To look good it is enough for the French Bulldog once or twice a day to be wiped with a sponge (especially in summer) or a massage glove. Bathing should not be more than once in two months. Starting from approximately nine month of age you can start bathing your French Bulldog. Before this age bathing is not recommended, as it may break the skin-fat metabolism and the dog may start to have dandruff and other skin irritations. For puppies up to a year in general bathing is not recommended. If the puppy is healthy, his coat will be cleaned by itself when you brush him.

French Bulldog loves long walks, but can take also a short ones in the days when you don't have enough time. Enough fro him in this case will be from 3  to 4 short walks for 15-20 minutes a day. Until your French Bulldog will have his first shots it is possible to take him out on your hands -  that's how he will get used to unfamiliar surroundings and will not be afraid of street noises. Up to six months the puppy can not climb down the ladder - it leads to deformation of the upper limbs.

Generally life with the French Bulldog can be a remarkable emotional holiday. His love for life and his eternal optimism, his cheerful nature, his passion for game are "infecting" his owner with the joyful sense of life. Your French Bulldog will make you to forget about any possible troubles, and you will see life with the eyes of your wonderful friend - the amazing French Bulldog!

Health problems: Some French Bulldogs are prone to the eye issues, joint problems and problems related to breathing. Also some French Bulldog dams need cesarean section to deliver the puppies.

French Bulldogs in no case should be overheated or overfed - it may cause them quite serious respiratory problems.

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