West Highland White Terrier dog general features, temperament, health

West Highland White Terrier dog breed face

FCI #85, Origin: Great Britain, Group 3.2 Terriers. Small-sized Terriers.

Height: 10-11 in, Weight: 19-22 Ib

Grooming: High, Shedding: Low, Coat: Compact, weatherproof, wiry coat with the softer undercoat.

Color: White.

Ease of training: Medium, Energy level: Medium, Span of life: 15-18 years.

Breed: West Highland White Terrier is a charming little dog, which, thanks to his funny looks, cheerful nature and a convenient size, is today one of the world's most popular breeds.

The looks of West Highland White Terrier are extremely attractive: a compact, short body, covered with white hair, raised over the back fat pointy tail, big round "pompom" fluffy head, from which protrudes a pair of sharp ears and shiny black eyes. Add to this a foxy expression inherent in this dog - and you will understand that no other breed has such an expressive appearance.

British believe that these dogs are the embodiment of terriers - in a small Westie's body lies a huge percentage of Scottish tenacity, determination and devotion.

West Highland White Terrier dog breed

West Highland White Terrier comes from the hilly terrain in the west of Scotland and is a close relative of the Cairn and Scottish Terriers. King of England, James 1, was interested in acquiring a good hunting dogs and he bought in these places several white terriers and even ordered to send a half-dozen as a gift to the French king.

For many years, these dogs were called a Poltalloch Terrier. The modern name of the breed was suggested by Colonel Edward Donald Malcolm, who made an enormous contribution to it's development. After the first show at CRUFT'S in London in 1907, sociable, confident and adaptable to any conditions of life of West Highland White Terrier has turned into a universal favorite.Today this breed is known in all corners of Western Europe and the USA.
Ruth Faherty in her book "Westies from head to tail" is describing the character of the breed as soft, gentle and loyal. West Highland White Terrier has a great sense of dignity - a quality that most inspires love for him. His sparkling and playful character, a strong body and small size make him an ideal partner for children. Women like the simplicity of maintenance, no odor, a funny look and his extraordinary charm. His courage makes him a favorite dog of many men as well. West Highland White Terriers are very intelligent and learn very quickly. They are the perfect combination of home guards and kitties. Experts say that Westie has all the best qualities of the terriers.

One of the best qualities of this amazing dog - easy maintenance. With Westies there is really no problem. Possessing good health, this terrier lives till 16 - 18 years of age, and his optimism and love for life will be certainly passed to his owner. Walking with him will bring you so much joy, you can always take him everywhere. Westies are very quick and well suited for mini-agility. But if you're not a fan of outdoor activities or just there is a rain outside, your Westie will be happy to stay at home. He can lay the whole day on the couch, taking hilarious poses and entertaining members of the household.

West Highland White Terriers are good not only as pets but also as a dog for the show. During the exhibitions, they have attracted worldwide attention, and very often this is the terrier, who wins in the group. Twice West Highland White Terriers were the winners of the biggest show - CRAFT'S DOG SHOW in England.

General Features: West Highland White Terrier is medium size dog, very well built and strong. His legs are relatively short, but strong. Muscles - well developed. Coat is white and wiry with the softer undercoat. Ears and tale erect. Eyes and nose must be black.

West Highland White Terrier dog breeds puppy

Temperament: Westie is an opinionated cheeky dog, hardy and strong. This is a true terrier, who loves to hunt. West Highland White Terrier loves to dig holes, bringing the owner a lot of worries. Westie can be noisy and unruly, barking incessantly for no reason.

West Highland White Terrier is brave with the other dogs, he will feel himself equal even with such giants as the Great Dane. On the walk Westie will prove to everyone that his talent of a hunter is still awake. Everybody will be involved - starting from the crow from the neighboring garbage, ending with the neighbor's cat, who accidentally was walking too close to Westie.
Westie is always ready to play, he will never refuse from a long walk, but will not be overly upset if the bad weather will keep him at home.
West Highland White Terriers are very active indoors, they do not need much space for their vigorous life. Just make your pet busy with any game as long as you're not at home. Westies are suspicious of strangers, but will never be aggressive to humans. These alert and attentive dog is making a good watchdog, though they will not cause harm to anyone.

Health problems: In general West Highland White Terrier is a very healthy breed. Some Westies are prone to liver diseases and some skin problems (like allergies). Also craniomandibular osteopathy might be an issue.

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