Bull Terrier dog general features, temperament, health

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FCI #11, Origin: Great Britain, Group 3.3 Terriers. Bull type Terriers.

Height: Bull Terriers - 20-24 in, Miniature - 10-14 in Weight: Standard Bull Terriers - 45-80 pounds, Miniature - 24-33 pounds

Grooming: Low, Shedding: Medium, Coat: Dense and short.

Color: White, Black, Brindle, Red or Tri-color.

Ease of training: Medium, Energy level: High, Span of life: 12-15 years.

Breed: The ancient martial Bulldogs, which long time ago were used in fights against bulls and other large animals, can be called the ancestor of a modern Bull Terrier. However, the Bulldogs of the old type had a number of disadvantages such as low response and a relatively long legs.

In the Middle Ages in England there were made the attempts to improve the breed by adding the blood of different breeds of terriers. The term  "Terrier" at the time refers to any dog of small size, able to catch and kill the rat.

bull terrier dog breed

As a result appeared quite polytypic dogs who, incidentally, were successfully used in a combat. These dogs were called Bull Terrier. In 1835 the fights between bulls and dogs were banned by the law, and the eyes of fans of bloody fights turned to the fights between dogs.

James Hinks of Birmingham can be assumed as a creator of the breed called Bull Terrier. He was an experienced breeder - Hincks family from generation to generation was breeding and selling dogs. James Hinks crossed the Bull Terrier of a  rough type with an English white terrier, which disappeared nowadays, and which resembled the modern Manchester terrier.

Later James Hinks added the blood of Dalmatians to the new type of dogs. Thus was obtained a strong, powerful dog with a heavy bones and powerful jaws - signs of a bulldog, a long tail, straight legs, small dark eyes and a white coat - signs of a white English terrier. Long legs and movements this new dog inherited from the Dalmatian. 
 James Hinks was facing great difficulties - the dogs of a new breed were not all of the same type and also they did not show a good longevity. Throughout his life James Hinks was engaged in these issues, but still the breed requires careful selection.
In 1917 in England in the male line from Bloomsbury Czar was received an Eng Ch.Jaksford Gladiator, which was described as "the first bull terrier with a significantly lowered muzzle." Since then, lowered, or as they say, "down face", muzzle has become an emblem of the breed.

General Features: Bull Terrier is strongly built, muscular, proportional, active dog, with lively, intelligent expression. His significant feature -  kind of egg-shaped head. While moving, he easily covers the free space, stepping with a typical carefree and elegant look. Always ready to fight, though not specifically looking for it. The white Bull Terriers may have markings only on the head. The colored Bull Terriers may be brindle, red and tri-color with white markings. Miniature Bull Terrier is a copy of Standard, but smaller in size.

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Temperament: Bright, original, an absolutely fearless nature. Complicated? Probably. Bull Terrier has a very strong character. The more valuable is his dedication, devotion to the end, loyalty without borders. And the more unexpected is his tenderness. It is hard to imagine a dog, more affectionate and inventive in the manifestation of his affection. Exceptionally cozy, when he climbed inside the duvet cover and completely disappeared among the soft folds of the blanket. Or when he curled like a snail in an armchair and slept, like a small puppy that he used to be. He can squeeze himself into a seat with his beloved master and watch a TV , sitting as a column with his smart heavy head on the shoulder of "his man".  

With the Bull Terrier you will never be bored. If the owner is not in the mood to play, Bull dutifully agrees to leave the place and spend hours watching "his man", enjoying his proximity. And only a very special atmosphere of peace and security in the room will remind of his presence. But once you moved or just turned your head, as he's around! These dogs can be mischievous and jolly, but not nervous. 

Did you know that the Bull Terrier is a symbol of sincerity of the British nation? He will never go meanly, he will never attack from behind. It's not his style. Once the ability to attack the enemy from the front was a necessary criterion for the purity of the breed. And this quality, as well as a fantastic physical strength, inherent Bull Terrier today. British are proud of their creation. 
They say that the cactus is growing (and the process is quite slow), when you are looking at it. Bull Terriers also need love and attention. They are special dogs, that desperately need human contact. Raising them, you need patience. 

Since the Bull Terrier was bred to participate in dog fights, and only the victorious dogs were allowed in breeding, the desire to fight, he has kept even today. Bull Terrier will always accept the fight, if another dog attacked him. His distinguishing feature: Bull Terrier does not respond to conciliatory gestures, he will try to destroy the enemy. The roots of such behavior - in its history. Therefore it is better to avoid fights. 

With the same courage Bull Terrier will protect his master. "He is quick as thought." He is born with the willingness to protect. Bull Terriers are always perfectly oriented in the situation, and, after reaching a certain age, never specifically trained (especially males), are very well guarding the owner and his property. So, before you begin to develop any special protective qualities you should think very well. Are you really sure, that you can manage your pet? After having a bigger aggression developed, you will not be able to take it back. 

Now, when the whole civilized world has banned the dog's fights, some people ask the question: what is the fighting dog for, if it is unable to fight? But for the fans of a Bull Terriers - this is the beauty of it. Every single owner of a Bull Terrier knows, what kind of an endless power is hidden in his dog - capable of fighting to death, but in spite of this, the Bull Terrier is a loving and peaceful friend, and that is his choice. The one, who can not value those should choose himself another breed.

To love is the same happiness, as being loved. Give your love to a Bull Terrier and he will never leave your feelings unanswered. This dog, despite his history, was produced in a country of a high culture. And of course he inherited all national characteristics of an English gentleman. Of course, this faithful and courageous, clever and intelligent, joyful and active dog - Bull Terrier - may find himself useful in any capacity: defender, dog-bodyguard, hunter, companion. 

This breed is for people, who are able to think. And if you feel that you would get the patience to raise up a Bull Terrier, the intellect to understand him, love to win him, do not hesitate. Bull Terrier will enliven your home. Do not try to make him a slave, let him be your friend. Wise and faithful, he will always be near and just ahead to keep you save. He will not let you to feel chilling melancholy, if you was betrayed by people, his  heart will warm you. Your joyful Bully-toreador will always soften the blow intended for you by the bullfights of life.

Health problems: Bull Terriers are prone to some heart diseases and zinc deficiency. Some may have allergies. White Bull Terriers should be checked for deafness.

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