Boston Terrier general features, temperament, health

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FCI # 140, Origin: , Group 9.11 Companion and Toy Dogs. Small Molossian type Dogs.

Height: 15-17 in, Weight: 10-25 pounds

Grooming: Low, Shedding: Medium, Coat: Short and fine.

Color: Black or brindle with white markings.

Ease of training: High, Energy level: Medium, Span of life: 15-18 years.

Breed: In the middle of the XIX century in England it was very common to cross Bulldogs and English Terriers (now extincted).??It is believed, that the history of Boston Terriers began exactly from one of this dogs, brought once from England??to Boston, Massachusetts.

The imported dog was known by the nickname Judge and his pedigree was presented by the British dogs.??Judge was significantly different from the modern Boston Terriers. He??was stocky, powerful - in the type of a Bulldog, dark brindle color with a white "collar" and a white blaze on his forehead. This dog weighed 14.5 kg.

Judge was mated with the bitch named Gup. She was shorter than him, with powerful head and a short tail. Her weight??was 9 kg.??The only known puppy from this couple was a male named Well's Eph, who, unlike his father, was quite unattractive.

Despite this fact Eph's son - Tom - was an interesting dog, exhibiting elegance and dignity - what is still valued in the modern Boston Terriers.??Another well-known characteristic of this dog was his tail - ??short, twisted like a corkscrew.

Tom's owner had a stable, where the lovers of horses and dog fights were meeting from time to time. The descendants of Eph and Tom also participated in such battles, but they dramatically differed from the other dogs because of their friendliness and trust in people, so very quickly they won everyone's love.

Fame and popularity of these dogs were constantly growing and in 1890 one of the fanciers suggested to found a club, write standards and guidelines for exhibitions of the breed, which gradually began to develop the unique stable and who's popularity was considerably increasing.

Fame and popularity of these dogs were constantly growing and in 1890 one of the fanciers suggested to found a club, write standards and guidelines for exhibitions of the breed, which gradually began to develop the unique stable and who's popularity was considerably increasing.

Boston Terrier dog breeds

First this request was rejected, but in 1893 the breed called "the Boston Terrier", was recognized and admitted to the genealogical books, and born in July 1891 ??Boston Terrier named Hectir - was the first dog of this breed, registered by AKC.

The unusual appearance, friendly nature and the convenient size of this breed have greatly increased the number of it's fans.??From 1920 to 1963 the Boston Terrier was among the Top ten breeds registered by AKC.

The request, sent by the residents of Massachusetts for the fact that a Boston terrier became the official dog of the state, was the best proof of a great love that people experienced for this wonderful dog.

And in 1979, then Governor Edward King adopted a Boston Terrier as the official dog of the state.??So far, the Boston Terrier is one of the most popular dog breeds in America.


General Features: "I am special!"??- the Boston Terrier declares with his whole appearance.??And it is really true.??The perfect Boston Terrier - is very showy, bright, proportionate, elegant and at the same time, strong dog with fine rhythmic movements.

This dog should embody the style of a high order, stay graceful and light.??Boston Terrier should not look heavy, or chunky.??In each of the three weight categories described in the standard, the dog must be harmonious and proportionate.

Boston Terrier's square head should be well balanced.??Definition - "I am special!"??- is relevant here again.The peculiarity of the expression is given by the eyes, erect ears, as well as an exceptional demeanor. The??color and white markings are also very important, they are a significant sign of a Boston Terrier.

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Temperament: Very important characteristics of a real Boston Terrier is his character and temperament.??This lively, energetic, highly intelligent, very smart, sophisticated and friendly dog, is showing his vivid an unusual personality in everything, he does.

Boston Terrier is a very comfortable dog, that is able to be happy in any environment, where he is loved and taken care of.??Boston Terrier loves to play, he radiates energy, warmth and tenderness, giving the joy of communion to those who need it.

It is really very easy to care about this dog, but the new owner should be aware, that Boston Terriers do not tolerate overheating (as well as too cold weather).By his pedigree the Boston Terrier is an ancestor of a fighting dogs, but nowadays he is mostly famous as a superior companion.

Nevertheless, this little dog has to be properly trained from the early age, because by nature, Boston Terrier, like his ancestors, is a little stubborn.??He likes to walk and play, but if this or another day you do not have much time for a long walk, he will be quite happy to walk on a leash.

His small size does not disturb the Boston Terrier from performing his guardian functions perfectly: the stranger will not come into the apartment unnoticed, the dog will always bark and warn the owner. Boston is unpretentious and enduring. His only weak spot - large round eyes, which are often injured.

Nor should we forget that, like any dog with a short muzzle, the Boston Terrier is experiencing some difficulties with breathing: he is lightly snoring, but not as much as, for example, French or English Bulldog. The advantage of the Boston terrier in front of many dogs with the short muzzle is that his face is always clean.

Boston Terrier is a healthy dog, up to an old age he remains active. With his good character and love to people he can easily become a pleasant companion for adults and children.

Health problems: Generally Boston Terrier is a very healthy breed. The biggest concern may be the juvenile and adult cataracts. Big rounded eyes of Boston Terriers are more sensitive than in the other breeds and are prone to injury.Also - as any other breed with the short muzzle - the Boston Terrier may have some problems with breathing. He should not be overheated.

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