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FCI # 297, Origin: Great Britain, Group 1.1 Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs. Sheepdogs

Height: 18-22 in, Weight: 27-45 pounds

Grooming: Medium, Shedding: Medium, Coat: two varieties of the coat - short and medium length (both are weather resistant double coats).

Color: Any color is allowed, but the white markings must not be too large.

Ease of training: High, Energy level: High, Span of life: 12-15 years.

Breed: Together with the Romans and the Vikings in England appeared the dog that laid the foundation for the breed of small shepherds, who lived later in the border regions between England and Scotland.??For the first time a description of the behavior of these dogs during the grazing was provided in the documents dating from 1570: this dogs were running silently and they had some kind of hunched-over appearance.

Since 1873 in England there were regularly held the competitions for the best herding dog.??In 1894 the winner of the year on this competition was a dog named Old Hemp, aged only one year, his record remained??unbeaten??in this kind of dog competitions until now.??It is believed that the Old Hemp was one of the??ancestors??of the modern Border Collies.

In 1906 was organized the International Sheep Dog Society (ISDS), whose main purpose was to support a unique working breed - the Border Collie. Only the dogs with the verified working qualities were added to the stud book.

In 1881 the first Collie club released a description of the breed and has developed a system for evaluating the work of the Border Collies in competitions.??Queen Victoria (1819-1901) loved Collies, which gradually acquired the more refined looks through the graceful long snouts, abundant hair and elegant bright color.??The breed became very popular. For the purpose of??breeding the Border Collies were selected exclusively by their working qualities.??The first sheepdogs officially named "Border Collies" have been registered by James Reid (the Secretary of the International Sheep Dog Society) in 1915.

Border Collie dog breeds

It is obvious that the dog of a medium size, good-looking and having an easy-care coat and extremely receptive to training certainly attracted the attention of those dog fanciers, who were fond of companion dogs. The??International Sheep Dog Society and the Kennel Club of Great Britain jointly decided that the Border Collie can be not only a working dog - he deserves to be shown at the exhibitions, so the breed should have it's own standard.??Only in 1976 after the approval of the Kennel Club standard for the breed, Border Collie won the right to participate in the exhibitions.??In Australia, New Zealand and the United States the Border Collie as a breed was recognized much earlier.??In Australia, Border Collies are the main breed of a herding dogs, along with the Australian Kelpie.

General Features: Border Collie is built in proportion and harmony, elegant, yet strong enough. Wonderful herding dog, hardy and easy to manage.??It is very clear from the first glance, that the Border Collie is an active, talented and versatile, very mobile working dog. The head is moderately broad in skull, without??noticeable??occiput, the muzzle is getting??narrow??to the nose. Nose is black, the nostrils are open. Cheeks are flat. The length of the forehead and muzzle must be the same, which is also a hallmark of the breed. The coat can be of two types: medium-length and short. In any case Border Collie must have a well-developed dense undercoat, well protecting from the weather. Color may be different, but white should not prevail. Tail of moderate length, low set, tail tip slightly raised. Feet are oval, toes moderately arched.The Border Collie is a very energetic, sensitive and understanding dog.Movement are free and easy. Almost never taking his foot off the ground, Border Collie is able to run for a long time, developing a??great??speed.

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Temperament: Border Collies are energetic and agile dogs, but they never should be neither aggressive nor nervous. This is a dog with a very well developed shepherd's instinct - she can look after almost anyone. Typically the Border Collies are used for grazing sheep or geese. This dog can collect the whole flock and overtake it, and dividing into groups, or by building a chain, make a flock to go to the fold, look for the lost animals and lead them back to the flock.Border Collie has an extraordinary willing to work.

The working abilities of a Border Collie are already a legend - this dog is able to graze without losing interest for 12-14 hours a day.A distinctive feature of this breed is the nature of it's movement: the Border Collies, while running, are clinging to the ground. Before moving from one place to another this dog clearly defines the trajectory of the flock. Border Collies have the unique ability to find lost animals. Even the dogs, who were not??especially??trained for this, are able to find their owner, even if he went far away using a very complicated trajectory.Border Collies are also easy to remember the route traffic on unfamiliar terrain: to go backwards, they will clearly follow this route. The Border Collie accurately defines creatures belonging to "his flock" from the strangers.

This applies to animals, which he grazes, the surrounding people, dogs. This dog "separates" the aliens, running several times between them and "his flock". If this action does not work, the Border Collie may show some aggression, which disappears as soon as the intruder moves away from the herd for a few meters. The Border Collie tend to avoid contacts ??with strangers. They do not show direct aggression, but simply go away from them. This quality - the absence of excessive aggression in relation to man - was specifically selected for many generations of this dogs. But the shepherd's dog is not defenseless, if a stranger shall persist, Border Collie's teeth still will be set in motion. Therefore, the owner of the Border Collies should pay enough attention to these innate qualities of their dogs and, raising a dog for life in the city, preparing for exhibitions and competitions in obedience, it is desirable to "remove" the aggression completely. With his distinct mental faculties, Border Collie can manage not only entrusted to him animals, but also people, who are inconsistent and weak in their actions, setting gently and imperceptibly their orders in the house. Therefore, the owner must be firm and show consistency upbringing the Border Collie.

This dog requires a constant physical and mental "load", otherwise he will find something to do by himself and there is no guarantee that you will like it. While training the Border Collie, the owner or a dog trainer has to behave decisively to send the outstanding energy of this dog to the right direction. Otherwise, the Border Collie gets out of control and may become obnoxious. The owner of this dog should have enough time to practice with her and meet her needs for??exercises. Since Border Collies are extremely perceptive and sensitive, then they need their owners to be calm, judicious, able to raise a dog properly and manage it. For this kind of person the Border Collie will be an ideal companion.

Health problems: The Border Collies are often allergic to fleas. In some lines they may develop hip dysplasia or epilepsy.

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