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FCI # 2, Origin: Great Britain, Group 7.2 Pointing Dogs.

Height: 23-27 in, Weight: 45-80 pounds

Grooming: Medium, Shedding: High, Coat: Long, flat, silky.

Color: White and blue, white and orange, white and liver, tricolor.

Ease of training: High, Energy level: Medium, Span of life: 10-12 years.

Breed: English Setter is a hunting dog, that was bred in England and, because of his beauty and excellent hunting qualities, could conquer the whole world. Probably, the English Setters were obtained by crossing a Water Spaniel, Spanish Setter and Springer Spaniel.

By the beginning of the XIX century long-haired English pointing dogs were bred by many dog fanciers in different parts of England and even looked like a different breeds. But the foundation of the English Setter was made by Mr E. Laverack in 1825, when he began to breed specifically selected type of dogs. In 35 years of breeding by using even close inbreeding and severe selection for exterior and hunting qualities Laverack attained perfection and created the type of an English Setter, as we know him today. Not without a reason the breed used to be called "Laverack", and until now you can hear this name. The birthday of the modern English Setter can be assumed on January 28, 1859, when there was held the first exhibition of English Setters in Newcastle upon Tyne (England).

In the middle of the XIX century, based on the dogs, bred by Edward Laverack, many breeders continued breeding ??English Setters, and some of them were interested mainly in the show qualities of this dogs. Particularly popular among the supporters of a hunting use for these dogs was Mr R. Purcell Llewellin - a follower of Edward Laverack - who became a rival to his teacher.

From the end of the XIX century a large number of English Setters were brought to the United States. Among the imported dogs were both - the show Setters and the Setters for the field trial competitions, so right from the start breeding there divided into two branches: the exhibition and field, which as a result formed two different breeds.

English Setter dog breeds

General Features: English Setter is a somewhat squat dog, but at the same time has a high front, with sharply slanting arms and free energetic feline movements, combining elegance and beauty with strength and endurance.??This dog is above average height, with the dry, strong type of constitution, balanced behavior, affectionate and friendly towards people, flexible, quick-witted??, easy to train.

Thick and shiny coat of the English Setter is long, straight, on the thighs it may be slightly wavy.??On the head and front of legs the hair is short, on the ears, chest, back of the legs, tail - long feathered. Color of the coat may be white and black (blue belton), white and orange (orange belton), white whith orange and a light nose (lemon belton), white with liver (liver belton) and tricolor - liver belton or blue belton with tan on??the muzzle, ears and legs.??Preferable colors - without large colored spots on the body, allowed a continuous steel and white colors, but the legs must be mottled.

The head is long and dry, with a narrow skull and a pronounced occipital protuberance (trowel), the long rectangular snout with a beautifully rounded lips going down and clearly defined, but a smooth transition from forehead to muzzle.??Dark eyes, with a straight slit eyelids.

Tail smoothly continues the line of the back and is covered with straight or slightly wavy long hair, the dog keeps his tail at the same level with the line of the back or slightly lower.

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Temperament: English Setter is a quick, lively, temperamental dog. At the same time - a dog with a fairly well-balanced character, the most obedient of all types of Setters and easy to train. Naturally the English Setter is very intelligent, loves the process of communication, rather than a blunt command execution.

English Setter is a very good family dog, very sociable, with him you can just talk, he gets along just great with the children. Of course you can not allow a child, especially if he is too small, to hurt the dog, in this case, try not to leave them alone without supervision. If your children are already more than five years old, then you can just teach them to communicate with your dog. In turn, the English Setter is well aware of the kind attitude of the child, and will never hurt him, but rather will try to obey in all things. There are many examples of the fact, that in training a child can be even better than many adults. A striking example of those - is showing the English Setters at the exhibitions in the ring "Child and Dog", where the participants are the children from five to ten years old. Kids and English Setters always make a fine performances together - the dog is perfectly nice running next to the child. Older children may already be handling their dogs professionally in the ring. Even there have been several cases when the twelve - fourteen years old children were so well exposing their dogs in the field trials, that the adults could feel nothing, but envy. All of this suggests a thin, sensitive and gentle nature of these dogs.

English Setter will always be happy to accompany you at any trip or journey thanks to his unique, peaceful nature and good behavior in human society. He calmly behaves during the long journeys by car and public transportation. He does not need to wear a muzzle ??- with the English Setter you can be sure, that your dog will never attack somebody or even bark. The only problem that you may have, taking your English Setter out, is that he may try to steal something edible from the people around. It happens due to his strong natural instincts, so, try already in his puppyhood to eradicate it, although again emphasize that this habit is due to a strong natural instinct, so it is unlikely that you will completely succeed, so you must just be very careful.

English Setter always has a sweet natured disposition. These dogs never bark, and even if you hear a barking at the door, it is not scary, just a welcome one, and then appears a dog with a pretty face and happily wagging tail, greeting guests and escorting them to the house. Dogs of this breed are always very sociable, each person coming into the house they meet with a lot of joy, they may even lick him and sit beside him on the couch.

English Setters have a good-natured disposition and high intelligence, they get along very well with the other animals. English Setter, unlike the other Setters, are very??homey??dogs and do not require a long walks. In addition, they are born actors and they just love to pose for the camera. The most important thing that is required from the owners of the English Setters - love, attention and communication.

English Setter is a really fine decoration of your home, the dog, which creates a pleasant emotional atmosphere in the house without causing any problems for the incoming guests and owners, and emphasizes the joy and hospitality of your home.

Health problems: In some lines English Setters may have problems with hip and elbow dysplasia. Also this dogs should never be overfed, because they gain weight easily and very fast.

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