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FCI # 1, Origin: Great Britain, Group 7.2 Pointing Dogs.

Height: 21-24 in, Weight: 44-66 pounds

Grooming: Low, Shedding: Medium, Coat: Short, dense, shiny.

Color: White and black, white and lemon, white and liver, white and yellow.

Ease of training: High, Energy level: Medium, Span of life: 12-15 years.

Breed: The first studbooks for Pointers were written in England already in XVI-XVII centuries (as it is reported by the English Kennel Club fanciers). There is a theory,??that the ancestral form of a modern Pointer was already used by the hunters as a support dog for spotting hares and giving a lead to the Greyhounds even before the firearms ??became wide popular. In most of the cases the responsibilities of "the dogs-helpers" included the locating, but not chasing the game.

It is quite possible that the Pointer is not very frequent case of a successful mix of the dogs from different breed groups: his ancestors were the Spanish Setting Spaniels (sometimes they are called Pointing Spaniel), smooth English Scenthound - Greyhound - and some Sighthounds.??Among the Sighthounds a special influence on the formation of this breed had a Foxhound, to a lesser extent - the Bloodhound.??According to some researchers, the blood of Bull Terriers was also added to the ancestral form of the Pointer.

The unequivocal truth, even with the help of blood tests, is hampered by the fact that crossing Pointers with representatives of other breeds continued until the late nineteenth century - several types of Sighthounds, Scenthounds, Setters were instrumental in breeding as well, as the Spanish Pointers...??Many breeders were convinced that the improving of exterior and working qualities, gained by adding "a drop of blood" from entirely different breeds of dogs, is more important than the purity of the pedigrees.??Justifying the need of such crosses, breeders and hunters have relied on the lack of obedience in Pointers, inherited from the Sighthounds and Scenthounds.??At the same time the hunters did not want to refuse from working with Pointers - the beauty of this dogs, combined with an extraordinary passion for sport and hunting was much greater than in any other gun dogs. ??And the modern Pointer - undoubtedly one of the most beautiful hunting dogs - completely confirms this point of view.

The first descriptions and pictures of dogs that are comparable with the modern type date back to the eighteenth century.??However, in many kennels there were the studbooks of the Pointers written even before that time.??In any case, Pointer was a subject of many legends - written and spoken.??One of them recorded by the well-known breeder Stonehedge, states that a hunter who lost his Pointer and was forced to leave without him, after a year, hunting in the same places, found the skeleton of a dog, who died in the "pointing" pose, pointing to a skeleton of a bird, hidden from him. Of course, this is just a legend, but it characterizes the halo surrounding these dogs.

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General Features: The Pointer height is above average size.??His head is moderately long, dry, sharply shaped.??Superciliary ridges strongly developed and form a sharp transition between the forehead and muzzle.??Skull is moderately long, the frontal and occipital-parietal part are of the same width.??Occipital bone is clearly visible.??Muzzle is rectangular from the side, when viewed from above - moderately narrow, with no appreciable narrowing to the nose.??Eyes of medium size, straight-set, round, eye color has to match the color of the dark spots.??Ears are thin, drooping, set high, soft, movable, triangular-shaped with rounded ends, front edge lies close to the cheeks, when the dog is calm the ears are hanging lightly just below the lower jaw.??Neck is long, well muscled, carried high.??The chest is deep, but not very wide.

The tail is flexible, elastic, dry, lively, set high, gradually tapering. It must be carried not higher than the back line, the length or the tail does not reach the hock for 2 - 3 cm. The coat of a Pointer is short, shiny and dense. On the Pointer's neck, chest??and tail the length of the hair is 10 - 13 mm, on the head and ears, front of legs and paws the hair is shorter.The dark-colored hair is slightly shorter than the white hair. The color should be white with the black, liver, yellow or lemon markings. In any case the markings should not be more than the main - white - color. The color of the nose and the eye lids should match the color of the markings. In lemon colored Pointers the nose and eyelids may be nude.

Temperament: Pointer will always make you proud!??Poynter is majestic, but mysteriously silent: Marcus Aurelius of the dog world, a philosopher and a warrior.??He is very self-restraint, Olympian calm, but not exactly shy. He is the same friendly with everyone. If the??question arises about the honor and dignity of the Pointer - he will respond rapidly, with the lightning speed, without a sound: he is able to produce a stunning and lasting "impression" on the bully.??In the intelligent, expressive eyes of a Pointer sometimes you can see the sadness and regret about the dog, and often human imperfection. The glance of the??Pointer is never expressing furiousity, is not shining with the cold and ruthless indifference, freezing the soul.??His glance is soft, tender - "gentle", as the English say.??These dogs are famous for their extraordinary friendliness and willingness to get along with all family members.??They rightfully belong to the category of the noble breeds.??Pointer is very smart and he learns easily.??This dog??is honest, reliable, flexible, completely devoid of selfishness, stubbornness, not annoying, not restless, not envious, not petty.??On the contrary - generous, good mannered, positive, obedient, serious and straightforward natured in a good meaning.

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Pointer has outstanding instincts, he is usually working easily in the hot weather, but he is not exactly suitable for hunting in very cold climate.??Pointer works best on the dry land, not in the water.

Pointer is an incredibly energetic dog, tireless and active in hunting, but quiet and nice at home.??On the hunt he is giving all his efforts, this dog is a hard-worker and he does not take time off from his work.

The Boxer has developed a sense of humor and intelligence that, in his opinion, gives him the right to consider himself, if not smarter than his master, then at least not stupid.

This is a pretty good guarding dog, Pointer is usually suspicious of strangers and emotionally react to the suspicious things.

Pointers require early socialization, frequent communication with the strange people and animals to avoid potential timidity.

English Pointer is independent and self-sufficient, he gets along well with all pets and is suitable for the life in the city apartment.

Smooth coat of the Pointer should be cleaned with a stiff brush, if necessary, washed.??You can clean the coat with a piece of suede, to make it more shiny.

After hunting make sure that your dog is??dried well, otherwise the Pointer may easily catch a cold.??Regularly clean his ears to prevent infectious diseases.

If you have got a Pointer to life in an apartment, give the dog active, long walks frequently.??Keep him on the leash in a places with a lot of cars and people.??Field trips will be a great treat for your Pointer.

Health problems: Generally Pointer is a very healthy breed. In some lines the displacement of the hip joint (hip dysplasia) may occur. Also some ??Pointers are prone to the allergies.

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